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YouTube Movies

It’s no secret that the future of entertainment is online streaming, and the future has already started well. After the super success of Netflix, every content provider like YouTube Movies eager to get in on the online streaming play. For many, this means finally ditching their cable companies and their astronomical bills. Unfortunately, they also found that Internet streaming could still be costly. With Amazon Prime Video, YouTube Movies, HBO, SlingTV and countless others all throwing their hats into the ring, subscription fees can add up quickly.

While the world of Internet streaming can be scary, there are many free services that are legitimate. While there are many streaming sites currently in operation, YouTube Movies is one of the known and good Service Provider in online Streaming.

YouTube Movies is a YouTube channel that allows Movie Purchase from the movie Industry from the world.

YouTube Movies Video Subscription Costs

Based on Pay Per Movie module, YouTube Movies allows you to pay for the movie you want to watch online.

Also, you can find YouTube Premium service, from where you can download music and YouTube Originals and can also Download for further use.

Movies available on YouTube Movies

How to Spot an Illegal Streaming WebSite

The law surrounding piracy is very complex and subject to interpretation. Whether or not just watching an illegal stream can land you in prison or have you facing a hefty fine is still up in the air; however, there are other inherent risks. Illegal streaming sites can try to infect your PC with malware, steal sensitive personal information or bog you down with intrusive ads. Have a look at some of the indicators of a legit streaming service.

  • There is an “About Us” or “Contact Us” section. Legit streaming sites are run by people who are transparent about who they are and want user feedback. Lacking these sections could indicate that the owners of the site are trying to remain anonymous.
  • They tell you where the movies are coming from. Legal streaming sites will disclose how they obtain the rights to host the content they offer. Generally, this is done via partnerships with movie studios.
  • They make money through advertisements. Free sites need cash to keep the lights on. Ads that interrupt viewing (similar to when you’re watching a longer YouTube video) are common.
  • There’s an app. Android and iOS apps go through a review process before hitting the market to make sure they don’t violate any policies.
  • Simply put, an illegal streaming app would never make it to the public. There are newer films available. If a streaming site is offering a film that is still in theatres or hasn’t hit home video yet, there’s a good chance it’s illegal.


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