Get the Words to All Your Favorite Music with the Best Apps for Song Lyrics

Favorite Music with the Best Apps for Song Lyrics

I’ve always loved music but, I’ll be honest, I really suck at memorizing lyrics. In fact, my friends are always laughing at me because I can’t ever seem to get the words right. So, one day, my best friend recommended that I look into a few apps to see if I could find any that would help me learn the correct lyrics to songs.

I thought this was a great idea – I was sick and tired of being laughed at (even if it was all in good fun) – and, most of all, I just really wanted to know what my favorite artists were saying. The three apps I’ve included below are the three that I’ve found to be the most beneficial to me. If you also struggle with knowing lyrics, I hope these will be just as helpful for you!  

SoundHound – Rating: 4.4, Downloads: 100M

SoundHound is a song identifier that also comes with lyrics, music videos, and individual track information. It’s so nice because it totally eliminates the need to search the internet for song lyrics; you can seriously access everything by tapping a button. Plus, you can also access information about music using just your voice, which allows you to keep your hands free at all times – even while driving, Some of  Best Apps for Song Lyrics.

Keep in mind that you will need an internet connection in order to get access to a song’s information. If you don’t have a connection or your internet connection is unstable, you may have to wait until you’re somewhere where the connection is better.

Pros: Hands-free search, music videos & track information

Cons: Requires internet

Overall: As long as you have an internet connection, you can look up loads of information about songs, even when you’re driving

Notation Pad – Rating: 4.1, Downloads: 100K

Notation Pad is a great choice for songwriters, composers, and lyricists because it gives you the ability to quickly annotate chords, music notes, and lyrics in just a few taps. And, not only can you write guitar chords and lyrics, but you can also arrange an entire symphony if you want to; you simply select the different instruments you want to be played simultaneously. There are more than 100 different instruments, including piano, guitar, violin, sax, and bass, so you’re not limited to what you can play.

Notation Pad does not include a user manual for instructions on how to use every feature. Because of this, some experimentation (trial and error) may be necessary before you completely understand how to use the app.

Pros: Easily record songs, a wide selection of 100+ instruments to write your song with

Cons: No user manual or tutorial

Overall: Write your own music with more than 100 instruments you can play, just know there is no available tutorial to teach you how

Musixmatch – Rating: 4.5, Downloads: 50M

Musixmatch is a really solid app if you tend to listen to music that isn’t in your language because you can get translations for the lyrics to all your favorite songs. And, if you are looking for a fun way to practice a new language or you just want to understand a particular song’s meaning, you have all of the resources you need. Plus, you can instantly identify songs that are playing around you just by holding up your device.

Just make sure to keep in mind that, while Musixmatch does have a library of more than 14 million song lyrics, but you may still come across a song that hasn’t been translated into your language yet.

Pros: Lyric translations, identify songs, 14 million available songs with lyrics

Cons: Occasional wait for translations

Overall: While you may occasionally come across an untranslated song, you have plenty of resources to make foreign music more approachable


I’m so glad to have found these apps and I can’t tell you how many times my friends have made comments about how many lyrics I know now! It’s amazing. If you’re like me and enjoy doing a bit of your own research before you make an app selection, I’ll include the list of apps below where I found my favorites so you can check it out too.

Best 10 Apps for Song Lyrics by AppGrooves

Best Apps for Song Lyrics, I feel like my entire knowledge of music has changed for the better now that I’m able to pair the correct lyrics with the songs I love. This is so much better than consistently getting the words wrong and I seriously can’t wait for you to try these for yourself!

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