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Half Girlfriend Full Movie Download

Half Girlfriend IS a Bollywood coming-of-age romance film directed by Mohit Suri. The film released on 19th May 2017 and stars Arjun Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor in the lead roles. Also, in the supporting role, you will find Seema Biswas, Vikrant Massey, and Rhea Chakraborty. Screenplay and Music are done by Tushar Hiranandani, Ishita Moitra, and Raju Singh respectively. Below you can find Half Girlfriend Full Movie Download and where to Watch Half Girlfriend Full Movie Online Free HD.

Half Girlfriend Movie Story

Madhav Jha’s Introduction

The movie starts with Madhav in college collecting Riya’s belonging and one finds out her cellphone having a video of her and Riya. Soon after that, the frame goes to Madhav’s first day in college.

Madhav Jha is a student from Bihar, who takes admission in one of the reputed colleges in Delhi. In fact, Madhav had got the admission in the college because of his Basketball skills. During his first day, he meets  Riya Somani a rich girl and fall in love with her. Every time he tries to approach her faces difficulty. Unknown about the fact about he been manipulated to impress Riya, Madhav one day tries to get close to her, where Riya stops him as ask him to be friends. 

When Riya Becomes Madhav’s Half Girlfriend

As Madhav’s friends encourage him to ask Riya out, he keeps on trying for that. In fact, one day, when Riya calls him on a birthday party, Madhav ask her about their relationship.  However, when Madhav ask Riya out, she refuses and asks to be her half girlfriend. Madhav being a boy from Village does not understand the meaning of being Half girlfriend and deeply falls in love with Riya. 

When Madhav’s friends get to know about Riya being his half-girlfriend, they tell him that she is using him. Hence, Madhav plans to call her in his room and tries to get intimate with her. But Riya who is clear about her feelings rejects him and walkaways. Finally, on the last day, Riya tells Madhav about her getting married and gets separated.

When Riya Meets Madhav in His Village

When Madhav visits his village after a long time, he sees that the School that his mother is running are not allowed for Girls. Hence he decides to get girls in school. Later, he gets to know the reason was not a proper toilet facility. In fact, he visits the collector office and gets all the permission and give admission to the girls in School.

A few months later, Riya comes to Madhav’s village and finds out about Madhav encouraging Girl education. In fact, when Madhav’s mom gets to know about her, she threatens her to stay away from his son.

When Everything gets Complex

When Madhav gets to know about Riya going from the village, he plans to go to London to his friend’s place. During the time, Madhav gets a job and one day gets a glimpse of Riya in London. Later he becomes so crazy that he visits every bar to see hi Riya is singing there or not.

Finally, after several attempts, Madhava bumps to Riya and everything ends up happily.

Movie Details:

Release Date19 May 2017
Movie Length130 minutes
IMDB Rating4.3/10
Budget58 Cr
Total Collection₹86–91 Cr

Half Girlfriend Full Movie Download  HD

For those who are looking for Half GirlFriend Full movie download, they might come across platforms which has Mp4 HD, 1080p, and 720p version. But, these platforms are illegal and is also considered against the law. In fact, we encourage everyone to opt for legal ways to watch or download Half GirlFriend Full Movie. By doing this, you are been safe from committing the crime and also supporting thousands of family working in this industry.

Where To Watch Half Girlfriend Full Movie Online?

As said earlier, there are several legal platforms from where you can watch Half Girlfriend Full movie online. In fact, the websites that we will mention are legal and work as per Indian Copyright law. Hence, there is no harm in watching Half Girlfriend movie online from this website.

  • Netflix, which is a lead Online Streaming website have Half Girlfriend Full Movie online. You can watch Half Girlfriend Full Movie Online on Netflix from locationNetflix
  • As of now, only Netflix is the only source to have Half Girlfriend Movie.

Watch Half Girlfriend Full Movie Online Free

Also, there are many free legal streaming websites has Half Girlfriend Full Movie Online for free. But you might have to wait for all the free legal streaming websites to stream Half Girlfriend movie online for free.

  • Watch Half Girlfriend Full Movie Online on Zee5 for free from location: Zee5. But you need to rester to watch this movie because it comes under the 18+ category.

Apart from Zee5, you can also check other free legal streaming sites to watch Half Girlfriend Full Movie Online Free. 

Half Girlfriend Movie Review


Being named after a novel with the same story, there is no doubt that people are loving the story. This, in fact, is one of the best complex love stories. There is a lot that the movie has to speak and it tries to explain everything in just 2 hours.


Half Girlfriend is Arjun’s best movie so far. Even Shraddha Kapoor has done a great job. What makes their actions more prominent is the situation that they come across.


This movie has some great songs which go well with the movie. In fact, all the credit goes to Mithoon, Tanishk Bagchi, Rishi Rich, Farhan Saeed, Ami Mishra, and Rahul Mishra who have given the songs.


Half Girlfriend is one of the best romantic movies to watch. The movie does not have cheesy dialogs but has much better performance that will make you worth watching it. The movie has the best songs and also every character in this movie have performed really well that makes it worth watching.

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