How to Write an Evaluation of a Movie

How to Write an Evaluation of a Movie

Receiving a movie evaluation writing assignment, students often think that they need to share their opinion about the plot or actors and it will be enough. Fortunately or unfortunately, the task is much more complicated. To make the process faster and easier, follow these steps. How to Write an Evaluation of a Movie.

Analyze the technical aspects of the movie.

For example, different components are merged on the screen. Notify your impressions of the movie during or after watching, including the following aspects:

The work of the director.

Think about how the director portrayed and explained the events of the plot. If the movie has been tightened or deprived of episodes that are important to your point of view, it can be attributed to the director. Compare the movie you watched with other works (if you saw them) by the same author and choose the best film you think. If you don’t have much time to watch a particular movie several times and do research about its director, it might be a good choice to contact a pro writing service to deal with this assignment for you. How to Write an Evaluation of a Movie.

Operational work.

What decorations and elements of the second plan allowed to achieve the desired effect?


Rate the script, dialogues, and images. How would you describe a story; original and unpredictable, or both boring and weak? Do you believe in the characters of the film?


Did the film look smooth, did the transitions be rough? Pay attention to the use of visual effects. If there is a computer graphic in the film, say whether it is realistic and whether it fits well into this movie or not. 


Think of how the movie’s venues have influenced its other elements. Have they exaggerated the overall impression or weakened? If the movies were filmed in real places, were they well chosen?

Musical accompaniment or soundtrack.

Was the music suitable? Was it too overwhelming?  Is it exciting? Amazingly dramatic? The soundtrack can both “make” a movie and destroy it, especially if the songs have a special meaning in the film.

After the paragraph with the thesis, there should be a short summary of the plot. You need to give readers an idea of what they will see if they watch the movie you are watching.

Name the main heroes, describe the place of action and describe what the main story of the film is. But never violate the first rule of writing a review: do not tell too much – so you just destroy the movie for the viewer! Remember the name of the director and the full name of the movie. If you consider it necessary to touch the moments that can become “spoilers” for the viewer, let the reader know in advance.

Continue to analyze the movie.

Write a few paragraphs to discuss the interesting features of the film that support your thesis. How to Write about the actors’ play, directing, shooting, action, and more. Write quickly and count easily word count tool – it will help capture the reader.

Your style should be simple and understandable. Do not use too much professional technical jargon – write concisely.

Support your opinion with facts.

For example, it would be much better to say so: “Background music of the Baroque period contrasted sharply with the picture of the twentieth century” – rather than simply saying that “Choice of musical accompaniment is weird.”

Use many examples to illustrate your thoughts.

If you are writing about a movie – pick a good example to confirm it. Describe how the place looked like, how the particular hero acted, the shooting angle, and so on. You can quote dialogues. In this way, you give the reader a “feel” of the movie. How to Write an Evaluation of a Movie.

Edit your review.

When you finish writing the first draft, carefully read it and decide if it is “easy” enough and its structure is correct. You may have to swap paragraphs, remove some suggestions, or add places to the material. Edit your review at least once – maybe even two or three times before you decide that it’s worthy to be “on the front page.”

Check your review for errors.

Make sure that the names of actors are written correctly and all dates are correct. Fix errors, grammatical, spelling and other mistakes. Written without errors the review will look professional. How to Write an Evaluation of a Movie.

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