Look Back: The Top U.S. Movies in January 2022

The Top U.S. Movies

The top U.S movies production studios have been creating movies over time and these keep getting better with passing time. More have been produced and others are still in the making. These movies range from horror, animations, teen fiction, thrillers, and action just to state a few. If you are looking for a movie to entertain you, here is a list of the newly produced movies in January 2022 that you should consider.

The 355

This is an action/thriller film that was released on 7th January this year. The name originated from Agent 355 who was a female infiltrator working with the Nationalists during the American Revolution. The film integrates females from different parts of the world to recover a weapon unknown to the rest of the world. This top-notch movie was directed by Simon Kinberg featuring Jessica Chastain, Lupita Nyong’o, and Penelope Cruz among other talented actors. This movie was released earlier than planned as it was originally set to release on 15th January.


Among the many upcoming movie releases, this was among the most anticipated horror/thriller movies. If you happened to watch the first film, you must be relieved and excited to watch it after 25 years of waiting. Better yet if you did not, there is still time to try it out. The producers of this film gathered the old cast back and came up with this mind-blowing film. The story is of many unexplained murders in the town of Woodsboro, Calif and twenty-five years later, a Ghostface mask re-occurs and starts aiming at youngsters to expose some of the town`s deadly secrets from the past.

The movie has a new look and is said to be much better compared to the first film. If you are into horror, this is definitely what to do. It was released by 14th January and was directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett.


Belle was released in 2021 but is among the list as it received its North American release in January this year. The film is about Suzu Naito who takes up the role of Belle in the film. She creates an online Avatar platform (U), that captures the attention of many and with time becomes a singing and concert podium. It gained popularity globally and people started subscribing to her shows. In one of her shows, a Dragon avatar appears and threatens to disrupt the flow of her shows. Her main aim now becomes to discover its identity before anyone else.

This is an animation movie that promises to give you a good time and well-coordinated suspense that is set to capture your attention all through the show.

The King’s Daughter

This is a fantasy/adventure film with the storyline of King Louis. He set out to seek immortality and plans to do this by stealing a mermaid`s lifeforce. While in the process, his illegitimate daughter turns up and after finding out her father`s plan she sets out to fight him to save the mermaid’s life. The cast entails Kaya Scodelario, Pierce Brosnan, and Crystal Clarke among other renowned actors.

The film is set to engage you in every step causing a tornado of emotions to course through you as you watch this family battle. It was produced on the 21st of January and directed by Sean McNamara.


Following a failed experiment to cure an infrequent blood disease, Morbius, being the specimen, receives vampire abilities. This is one among the few horror movies produced by marvel following Doctor strange, The upcoming Blade Reboot, and The Multiverse of Madness. This film received a lot of positive comments from the public and is set to blow your mind. This is a fantasy/superhero film that was produced on the 21st and was directed by Daniel Espinosa. Among the cast are the talented Tyrese Gibson, Adria Arjona, and Jared Leto among others.

Redeeming Love

This is a romance movie based on Western drama reality. It is directed by Caruso and is based on a novel (Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers). This is a re-written story of the book of Hosea of how an angel was vented into prostitution as a toddler and grows up hating themselves. When this angel meets Hosea, she realizes that love can heal all wounds. It showcases a love story between the two and how their love helps the angel recover her esteem. The movie cast comprises Eric Dane, Nina Dobrev, and Logan Marshall among other incredible actors. The film was released on the 21st and has acquired many fans since then.

Having a good movie to keep you company on a weekend or a day off helps you bond well with family and friends as you share the experience. Other than that, a good movie helps you relieve stress as it takes you from the real world into a fantasy world hence forgetting about your troubles.