Mundina Nildana 2019 Kannada Movie

Mundina Nildana 2019 Kannada Movie Details

Mundina Nildana is an upcoming Kannada-language fun romantic movie of 2019. Vinay Bharadwaj, a television host, turned filmmaker directed the film. Praveen Tej, Radhika Chetan and Ananya Kashyap star in lead roles. Coastal Breeze Productions produce Mundina Nildana movie. Some of the best technical team in India has worked in this project.

Mundina Nildana has gained much interest from the movie lovers and is one of the most anticipated movies of the year.

Mundina Nildana 2019 Kannada Movie Details – Plot, Cast & Crew, Teaser, Trailer and Release Date


Mundina Nildana 2019 Kannada Movie

Partha Srivatsav, an engineer, working in IT Company, is married to his job security though his love is photography. Meera Sharma, an art curator and self-independent woman who is looking for a compassionate soulmate. Ahana Kashyap is a futuristic hardworking medical student and fun-loving girl who hates being in a committed relationship.

They are set on a journey to find their next destination. When their paths cross each other, it turns to be a roller coaster ride. In the process of reaching the next destination, they take us through an exploring journey of relationships, love, passion and career.

Cast & Crew – Mundina Nildana 2019 Kannada Movie

Mundina Nildana 2019 Kannada Movie

  • Actors: Praveen Tej, Radhika Chetan, Ananya Kashyap, Dattanna, Shankar Aswath and Ajay Raj.
  • Director: Vinay Bharadwaj
  • Screenplay: Vinay Bharadwaj
  • Production Company: Coastal Breeze Productions
  • Music: Srinidhi Venkatesh, Masala Cafe Band, Vasuki Vaibhav, Adil Nadaf, Swarathma Band, Jim Satya, Kaushik Shukla
  • Background Score: Jim Satya
  • Cinematography: Abhimanyu Sadanandan
  • Edited By: Srikanth
  • Dialogues: Abhishek Iyengar
  • Sound Design: Ajay Kumar PB
  • Film Coloring: Siddhartha Ghandi from Shah Rukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment
  • Poster Design: Karan Acharya of ‘Rudra-Hanuman’ fame
  • VFX Studio: Pixel Digital Studios


The first teaser of the film got released on 12 August 2019. The teaser gives a brief introduction of the three lead characters in the Kannada movie. It has raised curiosity among young people who like to turn their passion into a career.

Trailer – Mundina Nildana 2019 Kannada Movie

The Official trailer got unveiled a week ago and has caught the attention of its core audience. The trailer starts with a note of “Whether to see colours in life or see life in colours”. It gives a glimpse of their journey of friendship and love. And, how it turns into a hell of a ride. Also, little sneak peeks of humour is also shown in the trailer. The songs composed by seven different musicians even leave a mark. The cinematography is beautiful, making justice to the genre. So, one has to wait till the movie hits theatres to see their entire journey of finding love, passion and career.


The seven songs in the movie are composed by seven different musicians.

Innunu Bekagide

Party Zamana

Naguva Kalisu

Life is Beautiful

Life of Partha

Manase Maaya


Release Date

Mundina Nildana 2019 Kannada Movie

The film’s shoot took place between January 2019 and April 2019. The post-production happened at Bengaluru, Mumbai and Chennai. Initially scheduled for an October release, the release date got pushed to November. Mundina Nildana is slated to release on 29 November 2019.