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Padmaavat Full Movie Download

Padmaavat mp3 Songs Download

Padmaavat Songs are not yet available for free. The only way to purchase or download Padmaavat songs is by buying subscriptions from Music Streaming website. As of now, Padmaavat Songs are legally available on Gaana. If you have access to Gaana Subscription, then you can download Padmaavat songs.

Similar to Padmaavat Full Movie Download om legal streaming websites, you can download MP3 songs legally through legal mp3 streaming sites.

Padmaavat mp3 Songs in Hindi

  1. Ghoomar
  2. Ek Dil Ek Jaan
  3. Binte Dil
  4. Khalibali
  5. Nainowale Ne
  6. Holi

Padmaavat mp3 Songs in Telugu

  1. Vinthagaa Merise Aame
  2. Gaji Biji Gola Ayinadhi
  3. Jhoommani Jhoommani Aade
  4. Oka Praanam Oka Jeevitham
  5. Holi Aadaali

Padmaavat mp3 Songs in Tamil

  1. Goomar
  2. Misiriyaa
  3. Unadhallavaa
  4. Karaipurandoadudhey Kanaa
  5. Holi

Padmaavat Jukebox

The jukebox for Padmaavat was released a few days prior to the actual movie release. However, Padmaavat Jukebox is released in 3 languages and that are Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi.

This is an official Jukebox  Padmaavat where they have Release 2 tracks named Ghoomar and Ek Dil Ek Jaan. A.M Turaz is the Lyricist for both the tracks. We see Shreya Goshal & Swaroop Khan giving the voice for “Ghoomar”, whereas Shivam Patayak & Shail Hada for “Khalibali“.please enjoy leasing this tracks.

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