Prepaway – Top 4 Resources for CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam Preparation

Top 4 Resources for CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam Preparation

The CompTIA Network+ certificate is globally valuable. It is actually one of the most sought-after credentials in the IT industry. Because of its high value and global recognition, it is not a certification that is easy to earn. Preparation for CompTIA Network+ is very involving and it requires dedication and planning. Besides, you also need to use the best preparation resources to successfully obtain this certificate. Here, you can get the details about the Top 4 Resources for CompTIA Network

The CompTIA Network+ certification can be obtained after studying for and taking the CompTIA N10-007 exam. Preparing for this test can be an overwhelming task. Learning from a variety of resources is an excellent way of enhancing information retention and solidifying your understanding of new ideas and concepts. Fortunately, there are several great resources for CompTIA Network+ exam preparation. However, since there are multiple study materials, you might not be able to select the ones that are the best to use. Luckily, we have done that for you.

As a team that is highly qualified and experienced in terms of CompTIA Network+, we have made a list of resources. In this post, we have presented the top ones for preparing. Check them out!

1. Prepaway

Prepaway is one of the most popular sites for those who prepare for certification tests. It is a platform that provides IT professionals with comprehensive materials and updated information necessary to prepare for the CompTIA N10-007 exam. The candidates can upgrade their general knowledge and skills in order to earn the CompTIA Network+ credential.

The Prepaway website provides you with all the resources you need to study for and pass the test so that you can be CompTIA Network+ certified. At, you will find updated sample questions and braindumps that will help you have a clear idea of how the information you will acquire during the study period will be tested in the real exam. With several sample questions, Prepaway helps you know exactly how the material is going to be tested.

Besides braindumps and exam questions, you will also find the correct answers with in-depth explanations. The website provides the students with an option to collaborate and connect with several other website users for further discussion and assistance.

2. CertForums

Ask people who has had experience preparing for any IT certification exam and they will tell you that online communities can be one of the greatest places to get comprehensive information when preparing for a CompTIA exam. CertForums is a great resource for candidates. It has a Network+ sub-forum that is overflowing with all kinds of helpful information. At the Network+ sub-forum, you will find people who have already passed the N10-007 test and have earned their certification. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and consult the CompTIA Network+ certified professionals who had passed their certification exam with flying colors. If you have ever prepared for any ITtest, we bet you know the value of talking to a person who has already taken and passed it, particularly when you have certain questions that you are not able to find logical answers to.

You will also find many fellow students who are also preparing for CompTIA N10-007 and you can share ideas with them and ask them questions that you might have about this certification test. The Network+ sub-forum on CertForums is a great place to interact with other IT specialists.

3. YouTube videos for Network+ of Professor Messer

Professor Messer’s YouTube videos for Network+ is a very helpful free resource for CompTIA Network+ exam preparation. Professor Messer puts comprehensive notes on the screen as he explains the topics in his YouTube videos. He is great at explaining every topic and exam objective and he uses simple English that you will understand even if it is not your first language.

Of course, you should not take this resource as your comprehensive or primary study guide, but it is an incredible supplement to training and self-study. We highly recommend this preparation tool because learning through a video typically has a high information retention rate. The YouTube videos will help you understand the CompTIA Network+ concepts easily. Besides, Professor Messer usually broadcasts live streams on his YouTube channel every month for the CompTIA Network+ candidates. These live streams are highly interactive and totally free. He also answers questions from the students preparing for other CompTIA exams. The professor also gives sample questions to the candidates and provides a detailed explanation of why an answer is correct.

4. Eli the Computer Guy

For the tech tutorials, this is a must-have. Eli has uploaded a great series of useful videos on YouTube. The videos cover a variety of IT certification topics, including networking, as well as those subjects that are covered in the CompTIA Network+ exam. Even though Eli does not specifically explain the N10-007 test, he discusses all the relevant topics. In case you are looking for a thorough, in-depth explanation of any topic you have been struggling with, look no further than this guy. He will make you understand the most difficult issues. However, if all you are looking for is an exclusive list of what is on CompTIA N10-007, find other resources.


You can also do your research and get other great materials for your preparation. This is a significant part of the whole process. It is important that you get the information from as many resources as possible. Just make sure that they contain the most recent and reliable information and that the explanations are detailed and helpful. Otherwise, we hope that you will find the above list of resources, and this entire article helpful for you in your journey to being CompTIA Network+ certified. Good luck!

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