Tamil Bigg Boss Season 2 Contestants Prize Money and Salary List – Yashika Anand is the Highest paid

Tamil Bigg Boss Season 2 Contestants Salary List

Tamil Bigg Boss Season 2 Contestants Prize Money and Salary List

The first version of Bigg Boss Tamil was started last year and gets an exceptional and overwhelming response from the audience, with 15 participants and new entries making contestants like Oviya, Snehan, Julie Popular among the people. While Aarav Emerges as the winner and got the cash prize of 1 Cr after he successfully stayed in the house for 100 days and won the given challenges.

Kamal Hasan is the host for both the seasons and he is doing exceptionally well. Vijay Tv is the officially conducting the show.

Rules of the Show: Cameras are placed all over the house and 15 contestants are to be staying inside the house. They have to stay inside the house for hundred days and to complete the tasks given by Bigg Boss. Every week or in 2 weeks voting will be conducted and a person will be eliminated from the house.

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As we all know a lot of money gets involved in the Bigg Boss Show both for the makers, Hosts and even Contestants too.

Apart from the prize money, the contestants are paid a handsome amount of salary based on their status and popularity. In Season 1 persons like Oviya got a salary of 20 Lakhs while Julie gets 5 lakhs.

This year also each contestant is paid a good amount of salary.

First, let us see the contestants list of Bigg Boss Season 2

  1. Yashika Anand – 5 Lakhs per week
  2. Ponnambalam – 3 Lakhs Per week
  3. Mahat – 4 Lakhs Per week
  4. Daniel Annie Pope – 2 Lakhs Per Week
  5. Vaishnavi – 2 Lakhs Per Week
  6. Janani Iyer – 4 Lakhs Per week
  7. Ananth Vaidyanathan – 1 Lakh Per Week
  8. Ramya NSK – 1 Lakh Per Week
  9. Senrayan – 2 Lakh Per Week
  10. Riythvika – 1.5 Lakh Per Week
  11. Mumtaz – 3 Lakh Per week
  12. Balaji -90 Thousand Per week
  13. Mamathi Chari – 1 Lakh Per week
  14. Nithya Balaji – 70 Thousand Per week
  15. Shariq Hassan – 70 Thousand per week
  16. Aishwarya Dutta – 1.2 lakh per week

Oviya who give a special entry for one week was said to be paid a handsome amount 25 lakhs for a Period of One week.

Kamal Hasan the host of the show is said to pay a salary of 7 Cr for the whole season until it Ends.

The prize money of Tamil Bigg Boss Season 2

The prize money of Tamil Bigg Boss Season 2 is 1 Cr which is exclusive of taxes.

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