The Batman Movie Review

The much-awaited superhero movie of 2022 for the enthusiastic DC comics fans was released on the 4th of March this year. We are talking about The Batman. Despite having restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, The Batman was still able to exceed the expectations on box office based on its collection worldwide, as compared to the general box office collections of other movies that were theatrically released during the pandemic era.


Reaction from the audience:

Since the movie already amassed hype even before the release, the promoters didn’t have much trouble attracting the audience. More than 85% of viewers on the theatre site had positive reactions towards The Batman. About 60% of the watchers were observed to be male. And thanks to the perfect casting of the movie, especially having Robert Pattinson as the protagonist, gathered female audience as well. As this movie is supposed to be the first installation of the new The Batman trilogy, it was easy to gather a more young audience aged 15 to 34 years old. So those who missed the previous Batman series will still be able to enjoy these superhero stories. Most of the audience seemed satisfied with their experience and some shared it to be thrilling, as well as gorgeous at times, as what they thought of it. With a variety of reactions received from the viewers, The Rotten Tomatoes have assigned an average rating of 7.6/10 to The Batman while IMDb gave it 8.5/10. 

Synopsis of the movie:

From the first scene itself, the setting of the movie is such that it will grasp you in it and won’t let you lose your focus from it. The direction done by Matt Reeves is to be complimented, as he has directed high-quality scenes that are as expected of the brilliant director. Every scene has its depth and will have the watcher indulge in it in such a way that it will force you to look from the character’s perspective. The movie has a good combination of mystery, thrill, and horror. Some scenes are beautifully scary and might make you hold your breath at some moments. It creates the perfect amount of curiosity in the audience to look forward to the next scene with its progressing storyline. The profile of all the characters is also well written, including the side characters. Every character has their back story, which you can learn more about in Batman’s villains infographic, giving weight to the character’s personality; and it gives them more light of presence in the movie than just being a side character. And the showcase of the emotions done by the actors is outstanding, especially played by Robert Pattinson. He acted out his character’s emotions so marvelously that it can make the audience connect with the real Bruce Wayne. 

The foundation of the script that is revealing the corruption of Gotham City was well planned and laid out like that of peeling the onions. The movie stood true to its mentioned genres – mystery, thriller, action, and adventure. As it serves you more than what they promised. The movie has some intense scenes that can indulge the watcher into the gravity of the situation in the movie. The movie was successful in portraying the struggle of characters not just in a physical sense, but also in their inner psychological struggle. The protagonist, Bruce Wayne, was worthy of being the male lead of the story, as he makes us understand his true conscience. 

What’s in there for the fans:

In short words, the movie can simply be summarised as a murder mystery that is solved by the duo – Batman and Gordon, chasing after the masked criminal, while revealing some shocking and questionable secrets. But in reality, the movie’s story runs deeper than that. Firstly, the detective skills were shown by Batman, which was underrated for much of the time previously. Second is the interconnection of various characters to each other is well versed. Thirdly, the association of the culprit that is – Riddler with the protagonist Bruce. And among many more like this, is the climax scene of Gotham City being flooded. From a narrow concept, the storyline might be somewhat common, but each story completely depends on its characters. The Batman exhibits the progress of the story along with the progress in the development of all characters as well. Their mindsets change and grow as better versions making a movie more interesting. 

Antagonist making his presence felt

Along with Batman, the antagonist has stayed true to its role as the Riddler. Written as a genius-level intellect and a criminal mastermind along with the tag of “escape artist”, the Riddler has done his job ideally. However, the reasons behind the Riddler’s actions in this series are shown differently this time. The very fact that Ridder holds hostile feelings towards Bruce’s family, and on the other hand he took inspiration from Batman and idolizes him, unknown to the secret that Bruce is Batman, makes the audience feel poor as well as funny for him. The melancholy setting where Riddler and Batman are fighting with the same cause that is corruption brings them close to being parallel protagonists but the last act caused in the movie by Riddler draws a line thus making him a villain. 

The combinations of the colors contrasting to the costumes and background set are exquisitely synced with the movie’s theme emitting a dark and gritty aura to reach the audience. If you are focused enough you can almost feel the movie.