Things That People Look for When Rating a Movie

Things That People Look for When Rating a Movie

You probably Have seen sites rating movies. Such sites don’t normally write or indicate the criteria used to rate those movies or TV shows. For example, you may find that a show like Game of Thrones is rated 9.5 while a show with the same level of entertainment is rated less than 8. What do these critics look for when rating a movie. Well, they don’t look at a single thing, their show rating is comprised of many things and below are some of the things they consider. Below in this article, you can find the Things That People Look for When Rating a Movie.

Directing Quality of the Movie

The directors normally have a picture of the full action of the movie. They don’t control the technical components of shooting like cameras and light issues but they just make sure actions are done as they are supposed to so as to create that feeling intended. From character movements, scene arrangements to sounds, the director need to make sure all sections of a movie are perfect. If the director is not good, you find the movie has a lot of flaws and definitely it would bore people. That is why movie actors pay a lot of money to directors to ensure every aspect of the movie sections is accurate.

Writing or Story of the Movie

Every film has a story that it is based from. The normal story format for many movies includes the beginning, middle, and end. Such sections are what make viewers glued to your movie and you will always love it if the story is nice. Some movies have shallow stories while others have complicated ones. Depending on how well the story is, people can either hate or love a movie. A perfect story needs to be easy to understand for people to love the movie.


This is probably the most complicated aspect of a movie. First, it takes care of the scene shooting ensuring all image quality, light, and direction of capture are as professional as possible. Without that, the image or picture quality could be compromised and some lighting and visual effects may be discouraging to watch. Most cinematography directors use creativity, top quality cameras, and video shooting accessories to make sure all scenes are shot as required. Overhead cameras, handheld cameras, light enhancement, and other scene decorations are all part of the cinematography. There is truly a lot that happens in cinematography so as to give the movie a perfect look.

Editing of the Movie

Every movie must undergo proper editing to make it neat and accurate to the point. Spoilers need to be removed and if there are some background effects to be made, editing is the part that takes care of it all. For those who use computer-generated materials, it would be nice to do thorough editing so as to make them appear like they are real. Editors must have keen attention to detail to make sure they don’t miss any kind of mistake and eliminate it. Without proper editing, movies are normally rated low.


This is more of the actors. How perfect they are and how excellent they perform every scene. The director needs to be strict if people have to perform nicely and catch the audience’s attention. Actors need to be real and with the impact required if all scenes have to be perfect.


James bond omega and other accessories can make a movie so popular if people can use such accessories when acting, it would be easy to always make a movie get top rated and highly voted for. Movies require a lot of work which is why films take years to be complete.

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