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Piracy websites like Tamilrockers are already one of the worst nightmares of the popular website of the entertainment industry. But, some of its siblings make quite the terrifying elements too. Jiorockers is one of those siblings & as far popularity level goes, they’re pretty high on that.

You guessed it! Jiorockers is completely illegal

Jiorockers is a piracy website so, it does not own any rights of any of the content that it uploads on its website. That is a direct violation of the Copyright law of India. Hence, all of the content it uploads & it’s entire website is not legal.

But why are they considered to be illegal by the law?

As I’ve mentioned in the previous point they don’t have any rights of the content that they upload on their website. That’s a violation of the law. Also, piracy websites such as Jiorockers cause a lot of financial damage to the production houses.

So, with so many negatives on their side & of course breaking the law multiple times, is what makes them illegal.

What is the amount of financial damage that Jiorockers does?

Depending on the movie, the financial damage can be from several lakhs to several crores. That’s a huge amount of money. As an example, we can take last years financial loss into consideration. In 2018, there was an estimated loss of about 18000 crores just in the Indian Movie Industry. The culprit, of course, was a group of pirated websites.

It’ll be illegal if you download content from Jiorockers

Just like uploading & distributing of Pirated content is illegal, downloading them is illegal too. The story doesn’t actually end there. In case you get caught because of downloading pirated movies, you can be facing major punishments.

In the first case, you can get charged with a massive amount of fine or you can be sent to jail for at least several months up to several years.

So, is there any legal way to watch movies online & also free?

There are actually multiple legal ways to watch movies online. We’re making a list of the major options below,

You can buy a streaming service subscription: Several streaming services like Netflix, Hotstar, HOOQ, Amazon Prime Video, etc. have a huge movie library. You can buy one of their Monthly or Yearly subscriptions & watch the available movies there without any additional charges during your subscription period.

You Can Buy or Rent a digital copy of the movies: Buying or Renting a digital copy of the movies can be a great option too. You can find movies with these options on platforms like Google Play Movies, Apple iTunes & YouTube Movies.

Legal free movies are also available online: Streaming websites like Hotstar & Viu have a lot of free movies on their platforms. They have the license for those movies so, it’s not an issue.

Want to watch a new movie that just released? Go to one of your nearest theaters. Look for the cheapest option available in case you’re short on money. That gives you a better & much safer experience.

New Domains of JioRockers


How to Download Movie from Jiorockers

  1. Install VPN software to your Device.
  2. Open Incognito Window browser.
  3. Search the movie name in the browser which you want to download.
  4. Find your desired movie on the website.
  5. Click on the download button.
  6. Select your required quality of the movie.
  7. Again click on the download button and download.

JioRockers is one of the popular pirated websites which often releases newly released film from these websites so that people can watch and download by sitting at their convenient places.

This JioRockers website has different domains. This website not only releases Hollywood and Bollywood kind of movies but also publishes several TV Shows, original series of Amazon Prime Videos with no copyrights for the videos uploaded to this JioRockers website.

As per the copyright regulations, the government has blocked so many domains belongs to Khatrimaza but still not able to curb this issue which impacts so many lives.

If someone doesn’t want to download any videos; JioRockers website helps them to watch the same online without downloading. As per Indian law Watching or downloading any videos, movies, web series which has no copyrights is an offence.

Likewise, JioRockers website has a specialization that anyone can watch or download Hollywood movies which have dubbed into Hindi and many other language films dubbed into Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam.

Disclaimer: Movie-Rater never encourages watching or downloading videos from JioRockers website. Viewing or downloading from pirated websites is an offence as per Indian Law. Movie-Rater is just educating its viewer to stay away from this kind of pirated websites and support Copyrights and watch or download videos only from legitimate sites.