MadrasRockers – Latest 2019 Tamil HD Movies Download


Even after multiple attempts from multiple governments, Piracy is still pretty intense. With access to the Internet getting simpler, piracy is now everywhere & MadrasRockers is one of the important names in the game. Especially, when it comes to piracy of popular Tamil movies, they’re quite known actually.

MadrasRockers & all of its content is actually illegal

If you know how pirated websites work, you may already have an idea. But, if you didn’t know for some reason, then here’s the whole thing. Piracy websites do not own any rights of the content they upload. So, they’re literally violating the Copyright law of India. That makes both their website & its content illegal.

Why is all of this illegal again?

Well, to explain in short, production houses spend several bucket loads of money on movies. MadrasRocks & other similar websites upload new movies within a few days which causes a massive downfall in ticket sales. This cause major damage to the box office which means that there is a massive loss of money.

As you can understand by now, these websites don’t have any legal rights as well. So, because these websites cause so much damage & they don’t have any legal permission either, they’re considered as illegal by the government.

How much damage can MadrasRockrs even do?

To the Tamil movie industry, the damage done by MadreasRockers can even be in crores per movie. Just to give you an idea, the Indian Movie Industry lost an estimated amount of 18000 crores in 2018 because of piracy.

Is it illegal to download content from MadrasRockers then?

Well, yes it is illegal. Even if you’re downloading pirated content, you’re breaking the law too. That’s not all. You can even get into pretty big trouble for breaking the law. If you get caught, you can either be sent to jail or you may need to pay a massive amount as fine.

So, if you download pirated content from MadrasRockers or any other website, we request you to stop right now.

How to watch movies legally & free if possible?

You can watch movies legally online in different ways. Here is a list of possible ways to watch movies online.

Buy or rent a Digital Copy: Services like Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies & YouTube movies allows you to buy or rent digital copies of movies. You can choose any of those options & enjoy your movie.

Buy a subscription to a streaming service: If you buy a subscription to a streaming service to services like Netflix, Hotstar & HOOQ you can watch a huge number of movies completely free during your subscription period.

Watch movies for Free: Legal streaming services like Hotstar, Viu, etc. have a lot of free movies on their platform. They do have the required rights so, there is no problem to watch movies there.

And if you want to see a brand new movie that just released, just go to a theater. If you’re short on budget, find the cheapest theatre nearby & enjoy the movie.