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1921 Full Movie Download

1921 is a Bollywood horror film directed by Vikram Bhatt. This movie is produced by Vikram Bhatt. In the lead roles are Zareen Khan and Karan Kundra. The supporting cast includes Nidhi Chitrakar, Aradhya Taing, Angela Krasinski, and Toby Hinson. Vikram Bhatt has provided the Screenplay, while Harish Sagane, Asad Khan, and Pranit Mawale has provided the Music. The year is 1927 and Ayush Asthana (Karan Kundra) is about to give a piano performance but cannot be found anywhere. Eventually, the door to his green room is broken and he is found with his wrists slit. We go in a flashback to the year 1921 where he is giving a performance in Mumbai and Mr. Wadia is quite impressed with his talents. Below this article, you will find details about 1921 Full Movie Download and where to Watch 1921 Full Movie Online Free HD.

Mr. Wadia helps him to get enrolled in the York School of Music. Later, while Ayush returns to take care of the Wadia Manor near the school. Three months after Ayush has settled down, he comes across a presence in the house and enlists the help of a ghost-whisperer Rose (Zareen Khan)to help him get rid of it.

1921 Story

The Flashback Story

Ayush was in Bombay, Whereas, Mr. Wadia ( Vikram Bhatt ) a very wealthy man discovers Ayusa’s incredible talent and ask him to take care of his Mansion in New York. Wadia promises to pay for Ayush’s educational expenses. Hence, Ayush becomes overjoyed and heads towards New York. As he arrives he is warmly welcomed by both the housekeeper and the caretaker of the house.

Ayush becomes delighted to study in the New York College of Music. After 3 months he started noticing uncommon activity and later he gets hit with an onslaught of paranormal activities. He sees a white light beckoning him to come closer but he is stopped by a woman scream.  He sees a message written with dry blood on the wall of his room. Horrified Ayush seeks the help of his fellow student Rose (Zarine Khan ) who has second sight. As the investigation begins they realize that from the last 3 months of their life has been connected ghost.

Ayush’s Narration About The Paranormal Activities

Ayush informs Rose that he can hear voices but is not able to see anything. He also narrates the happenings that took place three months ago after his arrival at the Mansion. In fact,  he had allowed the villagers to listen to his music so that he could make money. His actions were discovered by Meher Wadia ( Mr. Wadias niece) she blackmailed him for a performance.

That night during the performance, she gives Ayush poison but Ayush hits her making unconscious. Back his way he loses control over the car as she sees a Supernatural being, which results in an accident where Mihir dies. No one confronts Ayush on Meyer’ death and later the paranormal activities begin. Rose conducts investigations and knows that he never visited New York. Later she decides to visit the hospital and discovers that Meher Wadia was their classmates and also discovers the date of death of Dina and gets horrified.

Rose confesses to Ayush

Rose confesses to Ayush that all the bad things happening to he is because of her. Hence, she narrates how she and Nafisa’s roommate Vasudha was in love with a married man named Richard. One day to their surprise Vasudha happily inform them about her marriage with Richard. Meanwhile, Rose is visited by Richard’s wife’s spirit where she discovers that Vasudha murdered her.  Rose proceeds to inform about this incident to Richard but end up committing suicide. Everyone tries hard to save Vasudha but end up losing her. These things make Ayush and Rose visit the Church to get rid of Vasudha’s spirit.


Vasudha attacks Nafisa who prompts Rose to take her to the hospital. Also, Ayush is admitted to the same hospital. On the other hand, Mihir Wadia comes to attack him. Rose Informs Nafisa hat she has been communicating with Ayush’s spirit all along. She explains when the body is in deep sleep its spirit wonders off but they are connected through a rope in the form of white light. Eventually, the spirit can get back in the body by touching it but Vasudha has prevented it from happening for her safety. The next day Ayush body was going to be removed from life support which would result In his death.

So Rose takes the hair of Ayushtosh and makes it touch Ayush’s spirit.  As she tries to leave the hospital Vasudha’s spirit takes over Ayush’s body and threatens her saying that she will destroy his body. Rose then decides to kill herself as she comes to know it will be impossible for her to leave the hospital. Later Rose’s spirit arrives and reveals that she had already sent Ayush’s hair along with a letter to Ayush through Nafisa. Rose’s spirit fights hard to destroy Vasudha spirit and she succeeds. On the same day, Ayush’s spirit enters his body and he is saved. The film goes back to where it started, Ayush is in a death-like a state meets Rose and tell her that he wants to be with her. But Rose tells him to live and spread his music for her.  Ayush eventually recovers and become a renowned painter and musician.

Release Date12 Jan 2018
Movie Length144 minutes
IMDB Rating4.3

1921 Full Movie Download HD

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Where To Watch 1921 Full Movie?

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  1. I have watched the movie . It’s amazing .. very unique style of horror.every second of the movie is wow.

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  3. I think so whoever watched horror movies this movie remember first. Excellent movie. Brilliant presentation . I will give 4/5 star for 1921 full movie in review rating.

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  5. It also says love is the most powerful after God not even a spirit can defeat it. Salute to you sir great concept.great movie.

  6. Excellent movie. Perfect blend of horror , mystery and romance , totally matches the mark of 1920. Worth watching.

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