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2.0 Full Movie Download

2.0 is a 2018 action Bollywood movie, directed by Shankar. The movie is produced by A. Subaskaran. In the lead roles are Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, and Amy Jackson. The supporting cast includes Sudhanshu Pandey, Adil Hussain, Kalabhavan Shajohn, and K. Ganesh. Shankar has provided the Screenplay, while A. R. Rahman and Qutub-E-Kripa have provided the Music. 2.0 is single-handedly controlled by Rajinikanth. His action in this movie is such a superlative level that nobody in the Indian Film industry can generate such an extraordinary performance effortlessly. Umair Sandu has mentioned that Lead Actress Amy Jackson also has done an excellent job and her screen appeal is fantastic. Below you can find 2.0 Full Movie Download and where to watch 2.0 Online.

Akshay Kumar’s action is remarkable and his action scenes as a villain will create a fear sensation in the audience says, Umair Sandhu. The audience will agree that nobody else can execute the role better than Akshay KumarUmair Sandhu has tweeted that this Role of Akshay is very powerful and he will mesmerize the audience with his performance.

2.0 is doing great in theaters and the movie has already grossed 800 Cr in the Box Office. This ensures that the movie is a Super Hit movie. We recommend to watch 2.0 Full movie on theater or wait for it to come on legal streaming sites. To know more where to find 2.0 Full movie, keep reading.

2.0 Story

When An Unknown Villain Kills The Telecom Minister

A group of students visiting a laboratory in Chennai is shocked to see human-robot Nila played by Amy Jackson. Suddenly, their cell phone begins to fly out of their hands and disappear somewhere in the sky. This is happening everywhere in the capital city. All cell phones are flying out of hands, pockets, and bags etcetera wreaking havoc and chaos all over.

An emergency meeting is held by the Government in which professor Vaseegaran played by Rajnikanth proposes to reinstating Chitti.  However, Dhinendra Bohra whose father was killed by Chitti opposes the proposal. The Government then calls in military for help but all in vain. The growing menace kills a mobile wholesaler, tower owner, and state’s telecom minister dies. To stop the situation from going out of control, the home minister gives permission to bring Chitti back.

When Chitti Is Back

Chitti traces all the mobile phones to a tower in a remote area. All the mobile phone have taken a shape of a bird. This bird is powered by some negative energy, which is coming from an ornithologist called Pakshi Rajan played by Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar. When Pakshi was a child he met with an accident. His life was in danger. Doctors had lost all hope. It is when a bird saves his life.

From then onwards, he starts loving birds. He lives with them most of his life. Later on, radiation from mobile towers and phone start killing all his birds. Distressed Pakshi commits suicide by hanging himself from a mobile tower. His energy and that of all the birds combine together to form an aura that can take any shape through electromagnetic radiation. Chitti stores Pakshi’s energy into a container circuit. However, Dhinendra Bohra sets Pakshi free to avenge the death of his father.

Pakshi posses Vaseegaran’s body. Possessed Vaseegaran now wreaks havoc bringing the city to a standstill. Chitti cannot act as killing Pakshi will mean killing Vaseegaran. Taking advantage of this, Pakshi dismantles Chitti once again. Nila takes Chitti to the lab and rebuilds Chitti. Nila replaces its chip with Bohra’s red chip unleashing the violent version—version 2.0. Chitti forms an army of his likeness and attacks Pakshi. To kill Pakshi, Chitti creates an army of his micro versions who mount on pigeons. Pakshi stops as killing these micro versions will also mean killing pigeons. Later on, Pakshi leaves Vaseegaran’s body.


Micro versions lead the aura of Pakshi to a signal transmission site. This is where they eliminate him. Vasegaran realizes that Pakshi Rajan was not a bad soul but a victim of corruption and society. Vaseegaran urges the Home Minister to limit the use of mobile phones. Vaseegaran receives a call from Sana who asks about the chances of Pakshi coming back to life. Suddenly, his cell phone flies away leaving him shocked. Then Chitti’s micro version called Kutti 3.0 emerges. Kutti 3.0 says to Vaseegaran that he is his grandson.

Movie Details:

Release Date29 Nov 2018
Movie Length147 minutes
No of Songs3
IMDB Rating7.1
Budget₹543 Cr
Lead ActorsRajini Kanth
Total Box Office Collection of 2.0₹800 Cr

2.0 Full Movie Download HD

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  1. Super awesome 2.0. I like the characters of Rajnikanth and Akshay Kumar in this movie. Great job by then director

  2. Awesome action and scientific movie Rajnikhant sir is always best as he is i love this movie.

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