5 Celebrities who love to play the lottery 

5 Celebrities who love to play the lottery 

As the world is moving towards digital advancements, humans are becoming smarter, and so are the elements that encourage them to evolve within their characteristics. Smartness, the distinctive factor that is prominently evolving around humans, has led them to permanently opt their temporary or fabricated attributes into their existing reality. Such is the case for the celebrities having their charm and aura over the period that compels their audience to attract towards them, which made them toxic to such fame, and they find it hard to filter it out from their behavior. 

Similar is the situation that is very often observed through the roles they are portraying on screens. Well, you definitely won’t witness Arnold Schwarzenegger firing machine guns on the road, wearing a long black coat, or Sylvester Stallone fighting in the boxing ring. Neither would you imagine nor do they wish to witness themselves behind bars. This factor particularly falls into the category that has a psychological impact on the individual’s mind. Heath Ledger’s controversial death for his portrayal as Joker can be the best example for such an argument. 

Well, Action or emotion might not be a factor anyone would wish for behind the screens; traveling around the world, Destination weddings, buying cars and properties, or playing online lottery could be an option an actor would love to do in their free time. All of them are prominent and can be acknowledged publicly through trending facebook posts or Insta stories of the actors, except their interest in lotteries that are not very much on-trend. With similar consideration, we have come across a list of celebrities who play online lotteries. 


The Wolverine actor might amaze you for his macho physique and marvelous acting, But some attribute that glitters his personality is the affection towards his crew. And such a fact was witnessed by his crew members while shooting his first film in America. Hugh was hesitant to interact with half of the crew, which compelled him to gift them with Lottery tickets as a token of apology, regarding it as an Australian Thanksgiving tradition. Moreover, he regarded lotteries to be a way of paying taxes; in 2011, Jackman was all over the news for gifting his 500 crewmen of Real Steel with lottery tickets. 


In 2012, Madonna was all over the news for grabbing prize money she won through a SuperEnaLotto lottery of €120,000 while she was on her tour to Europe. As per the records, the total prize money collection she had earned through lottery winning is around $250,000. That is because of her constant investing in the lottery ticket with faith in Italian ancestry. Well, she also joined the league with Hugh Jackman and donated all his winning amounts to establish institutions. 


There is no doubt that Simon Cowell had a lot in his banks, But still, it doesn’t stop him from trying his luck on the lottery, Although his love for lottery tickets is quite prominent. From passing his judgments to a massive crowd to being a part of famous kid’s movies like scooby doo and Shrek, Simon is the one who has gained a lot of recognition and cheques. Well, this doesn’t stop him from trying his luck on the lottery, though. However, we haven’t come across any news related to his luck on the lottery. That is what makes Cowell keep going. 


Paris Hilton is not much on-trend for her interest in Lottery games, But she is interested in investing in lotteries. This was analyzed back in 2008 when she was snapped for purchasing 1500 tickets in one go. Although she has numerous outcomes to fill up her bank accounts, the lottery is what soothes her a lot. She also claims to donate her winnings for good causes. 


George Clooney has not only set his examples through acting but also holds an equal tag for his outstanding portrayal in numerous movies, But having such fame had not let him fade away from his interest in lottery tickets. A philanthropist holds a great belief in lotteries that was observed back in 2010, When the local news report published him for buying a lot of lottery tickets, the prize money of which will be donated to the flood victims in Haiti, Later he made a fundraising program to serve the people of Haiti as luck was not in favor of Clooney and his tickets.