7 Big Benefits You Should Know About Hiring A Virtual Comedian

7 Big Benefits You Should Know About Hiring A Virtual Comedian
Hiring A Virtual Comedian

When we hear the word comedian, the first thing that comes to mind is loneliness or boredom. Because why would people want to listen to a comedian if they were not lonely or bored? Also, comedians usually appear on television running their comedy shows. And never in your imagination had you come across the words, virtual comedian. But how come these words became trending?

Associating loneliness and boredom with hiring a comedian or some person to make you laugh is so old school. We are now in a fast-paced world where innovations and massive changes exist. Remember that people have to innovate and advance because of the great pandemic that has affected everybody’s lives and businesses. And as a consequence, regular face-to-face meetings have now become virtual.

And that’s where virtual comedians come into the picture. Since the business industry can’t run without the usual meetings, it has to resort to virtual meetings or conferences to keep abreast of its on-goings. And because it’s virtual, it can’t be denied that it may not be as effective as the usual set-up. Attendees tend to lose focus.

And if your business is one of the affected, you should hire virtual comedians to avoid the situation mentioned above. And therefore, written below are seven significant benefits you should know about hiring a virtual comedian.

Makes The Attendees Receptive

Undeniably, corporate meetings and events make it hard for company employees or guests to be themselves since it’s instilled in their minds that they should act in a certain way. This is true even in the virtual set-up. The effect of this is that the attendees or participants tend to lose focus and be less receptive.

But when comedy takes place, the whole formal set-up lightens up and becomes bearable. And since comedy diffuses any tense situation, people become more comfortable, thereby making them more receptive to the topic. A high-quality comedian does the trick and makes this possible.

Relieves Stress and Pressure

Anyone needs a reboot from time to time, given the usual pressure of work and added stress of the pandemic. So when all these piles up, employees usually experience a breakdown, and thus, it affects their work. Further, they become more pressured when virtual weekly or monthly meetings come because they don’t feel confident about their productivity.

Thus, hiring a virtual comedian to make the employees laugh relieves the employees’ stress and pressure. Studies have shown that laughter and people’s ability to relax are linked to their productivity level, and statistics have revealed that happy employees are productive employees. Resultantly, it’s a win-win situation for both the employer and his employees.

Establishes a Great Brand Image

Comedy is a form of entertainment, and the kind of joy a company selects somewhat reflects the company’s personality, culture, and core values. And its culture affects how customers perceive it. The organization’s clients will always associate the business with its culture, and apparently, it all boils down to how the company will be affected financially.

Therefore, hiring a smart, intellectual, humorous, and engaging virtual comedian in corporate events or meetings where VIPs or guests are invited will undoubtedly establish a great brand image, especially when it’s purely clean fun.

Makes the Topic Unforgettable

Since laughing and having fun makes the employees more relaxed and receptive. It follows that the topics discussed in the zoom meetings are easily understood and remembered. Because of the jokes and hilarious stories told by an amusing virtual comedian, the employees’ stress levels decrease, allowing their brains to function optimally. Thus, it will enable them to dissect the topics discussed and remember them, including the details.

Moreover, the topics become unforgettable when a virtual comedian is smart enough to incorporate his jokes into the introduced issues. Indeed, people will recall it so quickly and effortlessly. That’s why it’s also a wise business judgment to hire virtual comedians in corporate meetings or conferences. You get to pay less, but it’s superbly effective in memory building.

Builds a Stronger Connection

Listening to someone joke or tell a hysterically funny story is memorable when shared with others. Studies have shown that laughing with other people over someone, or in this case- over a virtual comedian, makes one feel that he is a part of a group. And this feeling builds a stronger connection with each other.

Remember that a company is composed of uniquely different people; it’s not a one-person establishment. Thus, having a strong connection amongst the employees will positively affect the company. And this stable connection is caused by a shared understanding and experience of humor that will stay within the people for the rest of their lives.

Thus, comedy or humor is a useful tool in establishing a firm foundation among the employees. Hiring a virtual comedian to provide an excellent avenue for humor or wit is indeed a smart business investment.


Hiring a virtual comedian may sound absurd at first because of its rather unusual practice. But if you analyze it, it undoubtedly has various benefits to the employees and the company itself. Ultimately, it boosts both the businesses and employees’ morale. And it will never be seen as a wrong business move.