Difference and similarities between Tamil Big Boss and hindi Big Boss

It’s more than ten seasons has completed in the hindi big boss. Likewise, vijay tv is hosting a new show named big boss same as Hindi big boss. It’s been more than a month Tamil big boss has started and the whole Tamilnadu has been talking big boss and youngsters were crazy about oviya Helen. More than 7 contestants have been eliminated from the big boss. A lot of atrocities have been happening in big boss like barani trying to jump out to oviya Helen’s exit. Kamal Hasan is hosting this show for the first time.

Vijay tv was saying that it was not a scripted show it was fully done naturally by them. when talking about Hindi big boss it has successfully completed its 10th season and many superstars like Amitabh Bachan, Shilpa Shetty, Salman Khan has hosted this show. Among all of them, salman Khan has hosted the show for more than 4 times.

Many big celebrities have participated in Hindi big boss some of the big names are sunny leone, Sherlyn Chopra, Karishma Tanna, Andrew Symonds.

Tamil people were saying that Tamil big boss is a scripted show and its an exact copy of Hindi big boss and several camera men were working in the house. Is it true?.

There were similar incidents happened in the Tamil big boss which was already happened in the hindi big boss. two weeks before barani was trying to escape by jumping out of the roof. The same incident has happened in Hindi big boss season 7.


Also three weeks before Juliana get fainted due to stomach pain. At that time snehan took Juliana in his hands and put her in bed. The same incident happened in big boss season 9 where Armaan took urveshi to bed

These incidents show some similarities between two big boss. But some things like what oviya Helen was doing never happened in any big boss. It’s a new thing however whether the show is scripted or not. This show is something new for Tamil people. Instead of finding out the differences lets enjoy the show. difference between tamil and hindi Big Boss

Hindi big boss prize money – 50 lakhs.

Tamil big boss prize money- 1 crore.

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