Exam Labs Presents: Jobs Associated with Cisco CCNA R&S Certification

Jobs Associated with Cisco CCNA
Jobs Associated with Cisco CCNA

Cisco CCNA R&S is an industry certification standard in the sector of IT. This credential validates the fundamental networking knowledge and skill set of those IT professionals who wish to secure jobs in the networking field. Here youc an find the details about Jobs Associated with Cisco CCNA

Holding a highly valued and globally recognized certification such as CCNA R&S is often considered a necessity to hold certain job positions in the IT networking sector. To be Cisco CCNA R&S certified, you are required to clear the single certification exam – 200-125 CCNA, or two tests – 100-105 ICND1 and 200-105 ICND2. All you need to earn this certificate is to score the passing percentage in the exams that you choose to take. Exam-Labs Home Page has all the Cisco CCNA R&S preparation materials and tools that you may need during your preparation process.

How important is Cisco CCNA R&S certification?

IT networking is a competitive profession. To meet the wide-ranging demands of this highly-competitive career, you need to earn the Cisco CCNA R&S certification. This will open many doors of opportunities for you and you will be able to easily get your dream job.

IT is a highly challenging and demanding field. To become successful and grow in your career, you will have to get certified. Of course, there are so many other IT certifications that one can pursue. However, Cisco CCNA R&S is the ideal credential for anyone who wants to establish a rewarding career in IT networking. This certificate helps you gain more knowledge and become skilled in various tasks that will help you move forward and get promoted to higher job positions. If you are holding this Cisco certification, you will be most likely to get more job opportunities as compared to other IT professionals without it.

Jobs related to Cisco CCNA R&S certification

There are so many job positions that require an IT professional to be Cisco CCNA R&S certified. Here are some job titles that use this associate-level certification. If you are looking to occupying any of the job positions mentioned below, then you should enroll for the CCNA Routing and Switchingcredential today. Luckily, there are plenty of simplified, verified, and updated exam preparation materials at Exam Labs. Taking advantage of them will make your certification journey a lot easier and fun.


1. Technical Support Engineer


A technical support engineer has a duty to diagnose and research a range of technical issues in an organization. To be able to get hired as such a specialist, you must have widespread knowledge of different ways of troubleshooting a problem. The IT professionals who are CCNA R&S certified have this kind of ability and are therefore preferred for this position. Besides, the technical support engineers have the expertise to offer technical support to organizations. These IT networking professionals also use remote access to solve technical problems. You will acquire all these skills when you learn Cisco CCNA R&S.

As a technical support engineer who is CCNA R&S certified, you will likely get better pay as compared to other professionals. Actually, the average salary for those who hold this certification can range from $30,000 to $102,000 in the United States.


2. Network Engineer


A network engineer carries out a wide range of tasks including setting up and maintaining networks in organizations. You are also required to use various techniques so that the organization’s networks function smoothly, effectively, and without any anomalies. In the field of Information Technology, a network engineer is a job position that is considered to be of very high value and should be occupied by the CCNA R&S certified professionals. Actually, the Cisco engineers are some of the most valued employees in any company.

Those network engineers who hold the Cisco CCNA R&S certification typically earn an average salary of about $148,708 in the USA.


3. Network Administrator

While most people tend to believe that the job roles of a systems administrator and those of a network administrator are the same, the truth is that these two professionals have different job roles. Precisely, the main job role of a network administrator in an organization is to handle the installation of Internet systems, LAN/WAN, and to offer support. Besides, he or she also has the responsibility to take care of network hardware and software. There are also many other networking duties of network administrators. From network administration to management, there is a wide range of skills that you should possess to become a network administrator. The Cisco CCNA R&S certification program is planned to impact all these skills on the candidates.

The position of a network engineer attracts an average salary that ranges between $33,500 and$99,500 in the USA.


4. Network Security Associate


Cisco CCNA R&S is an associate-level certificate. This, therefore, means that the certification program helps you build a successful career in network security, which is among the most challenging and demanding profiles in the current line of work. The main duty of a network security associate is to monitor the functioning of various different security parameters in any company. Besides, it is the job role of a network security associate to identify any security risk and to handle migration and evaluation of those risks. The primary skills that such a specialist has to possess are security, routing and switching, and system firewall configuration. These individuals are also required to have widespread knowledge of IPS/IDS basics.

The average salary of a network security associate is about $63,465 on a yearly basis in the USA.


The Cisco CCNA R&S certification can definitely give your networking security professional career a wonderful start. After obtaining this credential, you can apply for the above-named position and start your career at a higher level, or use the certificate to broaden opportunities so that you can build a well-paying and satisfying career in networking. Always remember that Exam Labs will help you when you need the best Cisco CCNA R&S exam preparation materials.

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