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Fifty Shades Darker Full Movie Download

Fifty Shades Darker is a 2017 American romantic drama Hollywood movie, directed by James Foley. The movie is produced by Michael De Luca, E. L. James, Dana Brunetti, and Marcus Viscidi. In the lead roles are Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan. The supporting cast includes Eric Johnson, Rita Ora, Luke Grimes, Victor Rasuk, Kim Basinger, and Marcia Gay Harden. Niall Leonard has provided the Screenplay, while Danny Elfman has provided the Music. Below in this article, you can find the details about Fifty Shades Darker Full Movie Download and where to Watch Fifty Shades Darker Online.

Fifty Shades Darker Story

Christian approaches Ana

In the prequel of the movie, it is shown that Anastasia “Ana” Steele (Dakota Johnson) leaves Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan). He starts having nightmares of his childhood. In the beginning of the movie, Ana starts working as the assistant of Jack Hyde who is an editor at Seattle Independent Publishing (SIP). She meets Christian at the opening ceremony of her friend’s photography exhibit. She meets him unexpectedly and is furious when finds out that he bought all her friend’s portraits.

Christian portrays that he desperately wanted Ana back in his life and tells her that he was willing to all her policies of no punishments and no rules. Christian wants to buy SIP and asks Ana not to trust Jack as he did not come off as a trustable person. Meanwhile, Ana realized that she was being followed by a woman, similar to her in height, age and appearance. Later, Christian reveals her identity as a former submissive named Leila Williams. After the contract between Christian and Leila ended, she wanted to continue with it, but Christian denied and later due to the death of her husband she faced a mental breakdown and started following both Ana and Christian.

Insight into Christian’s life

Later on, Christian invites Ana to his family’s annual charity ball, before which he takes her to a salon owned by his friend, Elena Lincoln, a former dominant who introduced the BDSM lifestyle to Christian. On finding out that Elena and Christian were business partners, Ana becomes furious. Christian told Ana that his mother committed suicide when he was young and he stayed with her body for three days after which he took her to the hospital where Grace Trevelyan worked and adopted him. Elena demands Ana to leave Christian but she doesn’t accept her demand and ignores Elena. On the other hand, Leila destructs Ana’s car.

Christian and Ana get back together

Ana rejects Jack’s offer of going to the expo because of which he starts seducing her but she escapes him. Christian uses his power and influence and gets Ana promoted to Jack’s position and gets Jack fired. Ana also accepts Christian’s offer of moving in with him. Leila tries to threaten Ana at her apartment. By the time she does that, his bodyguard enters to save Ana and Christian. This, in fact, makes Ana scared and runs away for a few hours.

It is then when Christian drops down on his knees and tells Ana that he’s not a dominant, rather a sadist who like hurting women who looked like his birth mother. Later, Christian proposes to Ana, wanting to show that he wants to change. Awaiting her response, Christian goes for a business trip and pilots his own helicopter. He is forced to ditch the helicopter in the bushes of Mt. St. Helens when an engine failure occurs. After a massive rescue team finds and brings him home, Ana confesses his love for him and accepts the proposal.


At a party for Christian’s birthday, Elena accuses Ana of being a gold digger but Christian enters the scene and defends Ana by telling her that Ana taught him ‘how to love.’ He proposes to her again, this time with a ring and she accepts it.

Movie Details:

Release Date07 Feb 2017
IMDB Rating6.4/10
Movie Length2h: 6 min
Budget$55 Million
Box Office Collection$ 381 Milion

Fifty Shades Darker Full Movie Download HD

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Similar to the paid subscription platforms, you can also watch Fifty Shades Darker Full movie for free. Also, we have mentioned all the legal platforms. Hence, if you find anything apart from the list given by us, we request you to ask so that we can confirm if its legal or illegal source.

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Fifty Shades Darker Movie Review

Direction review

Directed by James Foley, this erotic romantic drama film is second in the fifty shades series and the sequel to the film ‘Fifty Shades of Grey.’ The direction of the movie can be appreciated in the way that this movie picks up right where the prequel left off and with a lot more insights into the past of Christian Grey.

Acting review

Ana is shown having a job in the movie which might make her a bit inaccessible to Christian. She is shown to be more independent in the film as compared to the prequel. As for Christian, the suppressed emotions and memories are portrayed via his past relationships and the impact of his relationship with mother is also shown.

Cinematography review

The building up of characters was unnecessarily done and the plot of the movie is found to be a little vague.

Music review

The intense and heavy beats music has been visually depicted in the most appreciative way and has received a lot of recognition from the audience.


All in all, just like a true romance film, Ana gets back with Christian, no matter the number of indifference.


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