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Pelli Choopulu Full Movie Download

Directed by Tharun Bhascker Dhaassyam and Produced by Kishore Lulla, Pelli Choopulu is a romantic and comedy Telugu movie released on 29 July 2016.  Vijay Deverakonda and Ritu Varma took up the lead roles, whereas Priyadarshi Pullikonda, Abhay Bethiganti, and Nandoo have performed in the supporting roles. Screenplay and Music are done by Tharun Bhaskar Dhaassyam and Vivek Sagar respectively. This 2016 Box Office super hit is well received by both audience and critics equally. Below in this article, you can find the details about Pelli Choopulu Full Movie Download and where to Watch Pelli Choopulu Full Movie Online.

Pelli Choopulu Story

Prasanth goes to Chitra’s house for a Pelli Choopulu

He is a person who finishes his BTech by clearing numerous subjects for right around 5 years, however, he is likewise sluggish and unequipped for doing any work. His fantasy is to turn into a gourmet expert and open an eatery, however, he doesn’t get any help from his dad. Chitra is an extremely engaged young lady who strives to satisfy her fantasies of going to Australia. Be that as it may, her dad demonstrates no enthusiasm, as she is a young lady. At the point when the two meet at the Pelli Choopulu her more youthful cousin, Subhash, coincidentally bolts the entryway and they stall out. To breathe easy, they talk about their past.

Chitra confesses her love with a guy named Vikram

Chitra uncovers that she was enamored with a North Indian person named Vikram. In fact, both of them plans to start a nourishment truck business. Hence, Vikram went to Delhi to converse with his dad about their adoration and business. In the interim, Chitra began her arrangement excitedly and was prepared to amaze Vikram by purchasing the truck. At that point, things turned out badly and Vikram did not return overwhelmed by the ravenousness of getting endowment. On the other hand, Chitra and her dad tried to convince Vikram, but nothing seems going good for them. Later, they also understood that Vikram wasn’t returning, hence, Chitra’s dad chose to get her wedded to another person.

Prasanth too reveals about himself.

On his turn, Prasanth uncovers that he was jobless and dependably went out with his two companions. He, alongside his companions, made cooking recordings, as he is energetic about cooking. Be that as it may, it wasn’t sufficiently gainful in this way, they intend to make trick recordings and were caught in the act by Prashant’s dad, which finished their arrangement. Prasanth at that point found a new line of work in a call focus after he was prescribed by his dad.

Prasanth starts going out with a young girl to flaunt to his companions. Later, Prashant gets work but gets fired on his first day due to his fight with his supervisor. It is then uncovered that Prasanth went to the wrong location for his Pelli Choopulu.

Afterward, Prasanth goes to his real Pelli Choopulu, which was with a rich family. In the interim, Chitra advises the person going to her Pelli Choopulu that she’s not keen on marriage. The group of Prasanth’s lady of the hour needed him to have the capacity to maintain a business, so he and Chitra choose to work the nourishment truck themselves.


Prasanth visits Chitra’s home and informs her dad that he sought to be proud of her daughter. Also, Prashant, request Chitra’s dad to let her seek after her dream. In front of her dad, Chitra tries to make a good image of Prashant and inform that they want to start a business. After knowing Prashant’s cooking skills, they kickstart their business with help of their parents.

After this, their nourishment truck turns into a crushing achievement. Simultaneously, they become hopelessly enamored without acknowledging it, yet the two are locked into other individuals, so they float separated. Subsequent to acknowledging they adore one another, they return together through a radio show sorted out by their companion, with the help of their family and companions.

Movie Details: 

Release Date29 July 2016
Movie Length1h 19min
No of Songs6
IMDB Rating8.3/10
DirectorTharun Bhascker Dhaassyam
Lead ActorsVijay Deverakonda
Total CollectionTBA

Pelli Choopulu Full Movie Download HD

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