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Fifty Shades of Grey Full Movie Download

Fifty Shades of Grey is a 2015 drama and romantic Hollywood movie, directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson. The movie is produced by Michael De Luca, E. L. James, and Dana Brunetti. In the lead roles are Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan. The supporting cast includes Jennifer Ehle and Marcia Gay Harden. Seamus McGarvey has provided the Screenplay, while Danny Elfman has provided the Music. Below in this article, you can find the details about Fifty Shades of Grey Full Movie Download and where to Watch Fifty Shades of Grey Full Movie Online Free.

Fifty Shades of Grey Story

Anastasia Steele as a college girl

Anastasia Steele is an innocent University of Washington student. Days before her graduation, she agrees to interview Christian Grey as a favor for her roommate, Kate, who had the flu. Kate is a member of the school newspaper, and she was going to interview Christian about the speech he was going to make at their graduation. Ana goes into the interview without knowing a single thing about Christian. When she walks into his Seattle office for the first time, a romance began to develop.

The following day, Ana is at work at a hardware store when Christian appears. He tells her that he came by to purchase cable ties. He tells her that he is in the area on business and he needs to stock up on supplies. Ana tells him that Kate was impressed with the interview, but she wished she had a recent photo of Christian. He offered to do a photo shoot.

Anas’ 1st Date

After the photo shoot, Kate tells Ana that she does not trust Christian, He later invites Ana out for coffee. While walking in the street Ana trips and nearly falls into the street, but Christian catches her. Ana looks into his eyes and hopes that he kisses her, but he tells her that he is not the man for her.

Later that night Christian picks up Ana and takes Charlie Tango, his helicopter, to his home. He gives her a non-disclosure agreement to sign and shows her his playroom, which is filled with equipment he uses in his Dominant role. Christian shows Ana a contract and tells her that he wants her to be his Submissive. If she signs it, he tells her that she has to follow a strict rule. If she does not follow it, the relationship is over. Ana is confused and tells him that she is a virgin, he becomes furious because she did not tell him sooner. He then takes her to his bedroom where he deflowers Anastasia.

Anas’ Boyfriend

The next day, Ana meets Christian’s mother, Grace. Christian later tells Ana that his mother always thought he was gay because he never introduced her to a girl before. He then tells Ana how he began a BDSM lifestyle. When he was fifteen a friend of a mother seduced him, and he was her submissive for six years. Christian takes Ana home, where she finds Kate and tells her that she had sex with Christian.

Over the next few days, Ana began receiving packages from Christian. A laptop, which she would use to research terms found in his contract and so she could email him if she ever needed to. Later Ana agrees to meet with Christian to discuss the contract and becomes overcome by not having a romantic relationship with Christian. Because of that, Ana runs away from Christian and doesn’t speak to him until her college graduation.


After reuniting, Ana and Christian returned to discuss the contract, where they went over Ana’s hard and soft limits. Christian spanks her for the first time, an experience that satisfied her. After landing a job with Seattle Independent Publishing (SIP), Ana begins to stand up to Christian’s rule. She later asked him, how extreme can a BDSM relationship with him could be. Christian, under Ana’s request, beats her with a belt five times. Ana realizes that they are not meant to be together, she leaves Christian and returns to the apartment which she shares with Kate.

Movie Details:

Release Date 9 Feb 2015
IMDB Rating 4.1/10
Language(s) English
Movie Length 128
Budget $40 million
Box Office Collection $571 million


Fifty Shades of Grey Full Movie Download HD

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