Gudiyyan Patole Movie Review, Rating – A Well Scripted Classic Comedy Movie To Watch

Guddiyan Patole

A romantic comedy-drama film Guddiyan Patole directed by Vijay Kumar Arora has released in theatres. And, the film features Sonam Bajwa, Nirmal Rishi, Gurnam Bhullar and Gurpreet Bhangu in the lead roles. The Guddiyan Patole review is out. Below in this article, you can find Gudiyyan Patole Movie Review.

Guddiyan Patole Movie Review

The story of the film is pretty good and revolves around two granddaughters and their grandmother. The film story is highly appraised by the audience. However, the film marks  Nirmal Rishi’s as the prominent role in this film.

The first half of the film has a normal household storyline. Later, when it comes to the second half the film shows the real drama which begins with laughter and some emotional scenes. The overall performance of the film is good and it could do good business.

Guddiyan Patole Actor Performance

As we all know Sonam Bajwa a young lady, she has a unique charm to impress the audience. However, her last film Carry on Jatta 2 has done tremendous business on the box office collection. And, in Guddiyan Patole she has again impressed the audience.

Apart from her, the main role of Nirmal Rishi’s as Grandmother she has executed the role in a different way. On the other hand, Gurnam Bhallar and Gurpreet Bhangu both of them have done their role in a good way. Talking about the actor performances the actors have done pretty well and they should be appraised for it.

Guddiyan Patole Music Review

Guddiyan Patole has 4 songs in the film. With the good performance in the film, Gurnam Bhallar has given his voice for 4 songs in the film. All songs in the movie contain good lyrics and groovy music.

The background music in the film has synchronized very well with the emotional scenes. And, the music is what makes the film looks good with the overall scenes.

Positive Points

  • Actors Performance
  • Good Storyline
  • Groovy Music

Negative Points

  • Songs are not Good
  • Lack of Comedy

Gudiyyan Patole Rating

  • IMDb has given 8.0 out of 10 for Gudiyyan Potole

Gudiyyan Patole Movie Verdict

Gudiyyan Patole is a promising film and it seems to do good business. The film is a pure entertainer and family film which is highly praised by the audience. As per public review, they have considered the film is a super hit and they have given 4 stars for the film.

Talking about the overall performance of the film every character in the film has done pretty well. Moreover, the storyline, dialogue, and direction of the film are good. This is a pure family drama entertainer film. This is a must watch the film.

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