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Guddiyan Patole Full Movie Download

Guddiyan Patole, a Punjabi comedy-drama film directed by Vijay Kumar Arora and Produced by Nav Virk and Bhagwant Virk. The film is based on two granddaughters and their grandmother. It showcases the lead actors Sonam Bajwa, Tania, and Gurnam Bhullar they return from Canada to Punjab, whereas Nirmal Rishi, Rupinder Rupi, Sukhwinder Chahal, Gurmeet Sajan, and Seema Kaushal have performed in the supporting roles. Screenplay and Music are done by Jagdeep Sidhu and V Rakx Music, Sukh E, and Musical Doctor respectively. Their grandmother is very happy to see them back. Below this article, you will find details about Guddiyan Patole Full Movie Download and where to Watch Guddiyan Patole Full Movie Online Free HD.

Guddiyan Patole Story

Two sisters living in Canada meet her family in India

Two sisters live in Canada named Kashmir Kaur (Sonam Bajwa) and Nicole (Tania) along with their mother. The mother was eloped with a foreigner and knowing that he brought a bad name to her family. Hence, she decided never to go back to them, as she knew that the family would not accept what she did.

On being frequently requested by her mother to attend some family function, the sisters decide to visit their maternal side of the family in Punjab, India. They take a cab from the airport to the house. There they meet Amreek (Gurnam Bhullar) who is the cab driver. He takes them to the venue as told. During the ride, the sisters communicate with Amreek.

On reaching the house of, the sisters are greeted with love and care. But eventually, they realize that they were being called to India for completely ulterior motives. The motive was to attain monetary gain from them. Upon realizing this, they think of a way to get out of it. Kashmir Kaur, the younger sister of the two, referred to as Cash in the movie plans along with her sister that their Nani, that is their grandmother (Nirmal Rishi) is the only person who can help them out in this problem.

The love angle between Cash and Amreek

In order to take rides to any parts of the city, Cash calls Amreek. Amreek is an innocent village boy who has clearly has no wrong intentions. The sisters bond over the rides with Amreek and he happens to fall in love with Cash. But in later scenes, it is shown that Amreek ends up flirting with both the girls, kind of confusing the two.

Bonding of the two sisters with their grandmother

The sisters successfully befriend their grandmother and also take care of her. They show some excellent family values which for some reason weren’t expected from them as the youth these days have been criticized for forgetting the traditions and values. Their grandmother is shown to be really angry at their mother. But, the sisters convince her to talk to their mother and sort things out.


In order to spend some time with their grandmother, the girls take her out on a tour of Chandigarh. While spending time with the girls, the grandmother realizes that even though they don’t live in India, still they have the traditional set of values which an Indian should have. It was definitely their mother’s giving. The sisters convince their grandmother to not stress about things and just enjoy her time. Taking stress gives no benefit to anyone. While the bonding of the grandmother and the sisters grew stronger, the bonding between Amreek and one of the sisters also became better. Eventually, the grandmother talks to their mother and things become better.

However, their grandmother is disturbed due to some circumstances. Then, her granddaughters decide to take grandmother on a trip. Their grandmother travels with them to many places, in order to experience something new to live. The film packed with a good punch of comedy and fine sprinkles of sentiments. Moreover, the movie appears to touch the heartstring. Eventually, the film takes to the emotional family drama scene.

Movie Details:

Release Date08 Mar 2019
Movie Length2hr 5min
IMDB Rating8.2/10
Budget3 Cr
Box office collection17 Cr

Guddiyan Patole Full Movie Download HD

Guddiyan Patole released on 8 March 2019 and if it is still running in your city then watch this movie in theatres. But the film may broadcast on TV channels after the full theatrical run around July 2019.

On the other hand, Guddiyan Patole will air on legal streaming websites between June or July 2019. So, we recommend you to watch this movie in theatres, TV, or on legal sites. In fact, we don’t want you to engage in Guddiyan Patole Full Movie Download from any of the illegal websites.

Do not download Guddiyan Patole from illegal websites

Pritha Chakraborty is the Producer of Guddiyan Patole. Pritha Chakraborty has not authorized any of the below-mentioned websites to share or distribute Guddiyan Patole. So, as per the copyright law, If you are searching for Guddiyan Patole Torrent magnet from any of the below-mentioned websites is illegal and Crime.

However, we request you not to watch Punjabi Movie or download Guddiyan Patole full movies from these illegal websites. Furthermore, if you help us fight against piracy then it will be helpful for the filmmakers and other production houses in the Punjabi Film Industry in and around Punjab.

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Where To Watch Guddiyan Patole full movie online?

Disclaimer: does not support any type of piracy. We educate millions of our audience about anti-piracy. As per Indian Copyright law, watching the Guddiyan Patole movie online or downloading it is illegal.

As of now, Guddiyan Patole full movie watch online is not available on any of the below mentioned legal websites. In fact, these websites will stream this movie in a couple of months around June or July 2019.

Guddiyan Patole Movie Review

Direction review

This family drama movie, directed by Vijay Kumar Arora, is appreciated for the family values inculcated in the movie. The storyline, even though simple, was very entertaining. The family story is not at all unrealistically shown and was rather very relatable to almost everyone. The movie is found to be full of emotions like comedy, love, drama, etc.

Acting review

Delivery of Punjabi dialogues cannot be beaten. The relationships portrayed by all the characters was heart touching. Gurnam Bhullar’s debut performance has been highly appreciated and it is now said that innocent characters suit him well. Even Sonam Bajwa did a great job in a tomboyish role.

Cinematography review

Portraying the family values and messages which this movie was able to show is only possible through good visuals and cinematography. Though at some point it may feel like the women of the society can relate to the movie more than the men.

Music review

Punjabi songs have a different kind of charm which is loved by anyone and everyone who listens to them. The title track of the movie definitely steals the show.


Making viewers learn values while watching a movie proves it to be a successful one. The witty dialogues have saved the movie whenever it was about to become predictable.


  1. I really like this movie .specially Baninder Bunny acting .very funny .had fun with family must watch Guddiyan patole full movie.

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