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Kavacha Full Movie Download

Kavacha is a Kannada thriller movie directed by G.V.R Vasu. The movie is produced by M. V. V. Satyanarayana and A. Sampath. The film is a remake of a Malayalam movie, Oppoam. Kavacha stars Shiva Rajkumar, Kruthika Jayakumar, Isha Koppikar, Baby Meenakshi and Vasishta N. Simha in the lead roles. The supporting cast includes Iti Acharya and Ravi Kale. G.V.R. Vase has provided the Screenplay, while Arjun Janya and 4 Musics has provided the Music Below In this article, you can find details about Kavacha Full Movie Download and where to Watch Kavacha Online.

Kavacha Story

Kavacha displays a Young blind man (Shiva Rajkumar) who has great abilities to smell intense, hearing sense and a well trained Martial Artist. In fact, for his daily living, he works as a lift operator & a loyal caretaker for Supreme Court Judge. But, he works hard just with an aim to save money for his sister’s wedding.


Later, one fine day, during a party in the apartment he gets accused of an undone crime of killing the Supreme court judge. Eventually, we see how Shiva takes revenge by killing the gangster who is behind all this activity.

Movie Details:

Release Date5 April 2019
Movie Length151 minutes
Kavacha Rating9.2/10
Box Office Collection30 Cr (still running)

Kavacha Full Movie Download HD

Kavacha will be available soon on tv channels soon after its release. But, before that, some of the legal streaming websites may provide you with Kavacha Full Movie Download. Please check the legal streaming websites given below.

Are you a Shiva Rajkumar fan? If yes, then don’t wait for a long go and watch Kavacha Full Movie in your nearest theatres. Actually, downloading movies or watching movies from any illegal websites is against the rules and regulations of the Government. So, don’t engage in these types of illegal activities. Within a short span, Kavacha Full Movie Download will be available legally.

Where To Watch Kavacha Full Movie Online?

We are strictly against piracy, but watching movies online is not a crime. If you want to watch Kavacha Full Movie then watch it legally from legal streaming websites or in theatres.

As of now, the below-mentioned websites are not providing Kavacha Full Movie Download. So, wait we will update you soon regarding Kavacha movie, stay tuned.

Do not download Kavacha Movie from Illegal Streaming websites

Hayagriva Movie Adishtana is the production house of Kavacha. In fact, Hayagriva Movie Adishtana or any of the producers have not empowered any of the legal streaming websites to distribute Kavacha Movie Download. However, copyright law doesn’t allow to watch or download Kavacha Full Movie from any of the illegal websites. In addition, we don’t want you to support piracy and watch or download movies illegally.

In short, we recommend you not to engage in these illegal websites. Further, your one good activity will help thousands of people working in the Kannada film industry in and throughout Karnataka. Likewise, beware of these below-mentioned websites because the government has banned following websites which are trying to provide Kavacha Movie Download Illegally.

Kavacha Movie Review

Kavacha is a remake of Malayalam movie Oppam, where Mohanlal is playing the lead role. In fact, Kavacha has Shiva Rajkumar playing Jayaram’s character. If you think that Kawacha has a lot of similarity with Oppam, then you might be wrong. Apart from the story, everything else in the movie different.

Story & Narration

Kavacha movie is a treat for Shiva’s fan, whereas the story of this movie has got a good narration. We don’t have much to talk about the story as it is quite similar to Oppam. But, what makes the story different is the two character and the climax.

In fact, Kavacha has been made a purely commercial movie, and that you can see in the climax. Whereas the movie is all about action, and every action has a proper narration given to it. For example, the time when Jayaram is fighting with the villains in a dark room. This highlights how light does not matter to a blind person. On the other hand, we would also like to appreciate the work of the fight choreographer, making every action sequel look great with the narration.


Shiva’s acting as always is quite good and is doing quite great in taking the emotional role. There are some parts in the movie, where Shiva has to save the girl, which will definitely make you feel in the movie. Shiva is seen feeling the character rather than just playing it.

Also, Isha Koppikar and Kruthika Jayakumar have given a well-etched role in Kavacha. Their part in this movie is for about 10 minutes but does play a very important role.

The entire movie is focused on Jayaram, helping a Super Court’s daughter from a serial killer, Vasudev. During this, there are some parts in the movie, which we believe only Shiva could do. There’s a part where Super Court Judge house is under attack and Jayaram manages to get a hold on the villains away from his daughter.


If you think that Kavacha is a pure remake of Oppam, then you must watch this movie once. Overall, Kavacha will make a huge impact on those who are an action movie fan. Also, you will witness some good emotional scenes which are not there is the Original Malayalam movie.


  1. Awesome job by the actor and shiva. He is a well known actor. Also Kavacha Full Movie is awesome. Even after it is a remake there is a lot of difference in the screenplay.

  2. Stroy very good where a blind man take revenge of murder. Great any one can do anything only by there self efforts and by self confidence. Great message from the movie.

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