Maari 2 Full Movie Box Office Collection, Hit Or Flop, mp3 Songs Download

Maari 2 is an action drama thriller movie starring Dhanush. This movie is a blockbuster and is the 2nd part of Maari. Maari 2 is releasing in Tamil and Telugu language and is an action pack thriller. After the release of the movie, we saw people interest in Maari 2 Full Movie Download. But, we do not support Piracy and here you will find Maari 2 Full Movie Download Legally.

Maari 2 Box Office Collections

Being an Action Pack Adventure, Box Office Collection for Maari 2 is at its positive side. You will see some great action and comedy and Dhanush’s dialogue delivery seems awesome too. The trailer has already created hype for the movie and it seems to be a huge success.

Below you will find Maari 2 Day wise Box Office Collection.

AP & TSTamil NaiduKarnatakaWorldwide
1st Day0.5 Cr3 Cr0.50 Cr10 Cr
2nd Day0.80 Cr4.32 Cr0.70 Cr12 Cr
3rd Day1.3 Cr5.8 Cr0.62 Cr11.50 Cr
4th Day0.94 Cr4.5 Cr0.50 Cr9.8 Cr
5th Day1.5 Cr5.2 Cr0.68 Cr10.4 Cr
6th Day0.90 Cr4 Cr0.60 Cr8.8 Cr
7th Day0.50 Cr2.3 Cr0.30 Cr5 Cr
8th Day0.30 Cr1.7 Cr0.15 Cr3 Cr
9th Day0.20 Cr1.2 Cr0.10 Cr2 Cr
10th Day0.18 Cr1 Cr0.10 Cr1.80 Cr
11th Day0.15 Cr0.80 Cr0.08 Cr1.50 Cr
12th Day0.18 Cr1.2 Cr0.10 Cr1.8 Cr
13th Day0.15 Cr0.90 Cr0.08 Cr1.4 Cr
14th Day0.12 Cr0.75 Cr0.06 Cr1.2 Cr
15th Day0.08 Cr0.63 Cr0.05 Cr1 Cr
16th Day0.06 Cr0.48 Cr0.04 Cr0.80 Cr
17th Day0.08 Cr0.55 Cr0.06 Cr1 Cr
18th Day0.03 Cr0.30 Cr0.03 Cr0.60 Cr
19th Day0.15 Cr0.01 Cr0.40 Cr
Total Collection7.79 Cr44.87 Cr4.66 Cr82.2 Cr

Maari 2 1st Day Box office Collection

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Before we talk about Maari 2 Full Movie Download, let’s have a glimpse of the story. In Maari 2 we see how Maari’s enemy wants to see him dead. We see Maari is missing from last 8 year and everything changes after Maari reappears. The villain of this movie has a grudge against Maari and is aware it’s not easy.

Later we see how everything changes in Maari’s life and he leaves on a journey to protect his loved one. Whereas Maari 2 Box Office Collection is a concern, the movie is doing quite well. Now let’s go ahead and see a legal way for Maari 2 Full Movie download.

Maari 2 Full Movie Download

We do not support piracy as watching or sharing a link to download movies is against the law. It is always better to watch movies in Theater to get true experience about the movie.

Hence it is our Moral Responsibility to use genuine products, hence  If you are looking Maari 2 Full Movie Download, then we would suggest to check it on the legal streaming websites like Amazon Prime, Netflix or Hulu. Maari 2 Full Movie download is also possible through Hungama, but you will have to wait for years for that to happen.

Maari 2 Full Movie download will be available on legal streaming websites after few month of its release. We will share the Streaming links as soon as they are available on any of the legal streaming platforms like the ones we mentioned above.

But we all know that we can not wait till Maari 2 is available on these platforms, so the best option is to grab a ticket from your nearest shows.

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Maari 2 Mp3 Songs Download

Most of the Maari 2 songs are uplifiting and one of the most listed songs is Rowdy Baby. If you are lookinh for Maari 2 Mp3 Songs, then here are with the legal way to download Maari 2 Mp3 songs.

Maari 2 Mp3 Tamil songs 

Maari 2 Mp3 Telugu songs

Watch Maari 2 Trailers

Maari 2 was released in 2 languages that are Tamil and Telugu. Both the trailers got some great response from people. Not only the trailer, but the movie also got a positive response from the users and that is the reason why people are searching for Maari 2 Full Movie download.

Maari 2 Story

The trailer tells a lot about the movie. It seems that the police department has lost their hold on Maari and Maari has been lost from 8 years. The new officer who has been in-charge ask the officer to re-open Maari’s case. Maari’s appears after he gets to know that someone has come to kill him.

Later in the movie Sai Pallav appears where she is the only one his the town to trouble Maari.

Talking about the person who is after Maari seems to be a gangster who use to sell Drugs and was put behind the bar. The gangsters aim to kill Maari, but he is also aware that it is not easy. In Maari 2, Dhanush has shown as the popular Rowdi where everyone is afraid of him.

Maari 2 is all about how a good Gangster turns to protect his love and every one of his town. We see Maari joining hands with other Gangster to help him to fight the villain. In Maari 2 you will find perfect action, love, and drama & it will create Box office Collections Records.

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Maari 2 Lyric Videos

Maari 2 movie has some great song collection and has released a total of 3 songs names; Rowdy Baby, Maari Gethu and Maari’s Aanandhi. Music is all the songs are given by Yuvan Shankar Raja.

Rowdy Baby – Lyric Video

Baby Rowdy is a fun love song on how two couple expresses their love to each other. This is an uplifting love song written by Poet Dhanush. We will hear Dhanush & Dhee voice behind the Rowdy Baby.

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Maari Gethu – Lyric Video

Maari Hethu is another uplifting song from Maari 2 and this song talks about Maari and his character. The lyrics are given by Yuvan Shankar Raja and have multiple singers as Yuvan Shankar Raja, Dhanush, Chinnaponnu & V.M. Mahalingam.

Maari Aanandhi – Lyric Video

Unlike the other two songs, this is a soft love song showcasing a sweet love story. This song is sung by Dr. Ilaiyaraaja, M M Manasi whereas the man behind lyrics is Poetu Dhanush.

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Maari 2 Box Office Collection Day 19

There is a lot of hope for Maari 2 and we are expecting a decent amount of Grossing for the movie. On the 19th Day, Maari 2 has grossed 0.40 Cr as its total Collection. Comparing it with the 18th Day it is a huge drop. As it is releasing in just fewer theaters, we might see the movie craze going down after the 2nd Week.

By the time Maari 2 comes to its 2nd week let’s see the total collection in other states.

Maari 2 Day 19 Box Office Collection Tamil Nadu

  • There is a huge fan base for Maari 2 in Tamil Nadu and the movie has the sum is gross collected 0.15 Crores.

Maari 2 19th Day Box Office Collection Karnataka 

  • Competing with KGF in Karnataka Maari 2 Collects 1 Lakh on its 19th Day, which is quite decent.

Maari 2 19th Day Collection Worldwide

  • The worldwide collection for the 19th Day is decent,  with 0.40 Cr.

Maari 2 Box Office Collection Day 18

Maari 2 has received great response from the audience and it is much better than the first part of the movie. Everyone has loved Dhanush’s badass gangster character and their love is seen in the Box Office. There was a huge opportunity for Maari 2 is states like AP & TS and Karnataka if KGF was not getting released on the same day.

But, even after getting lesser screen count, Maari 2 has done a good collection. On its 18th Day, Maari 2 has managed to gross 0.60 Cr, which is considered a decent amount as compared to the screen count.

Maari 2 18th Day Box Office Collection In AP & TS

  • Even on the 18th Day, Maari 2 has done a decent gross of 3 Lakhs in AP & TS.

Maari 2 Day 18 Box Office Collection Tamil Nadu

  • Having a huge fan base in Tamil Nadu, Maari 2 18th Day collection will be 0.30 Crores.

Maari 2 18th Day Box Office Collection Karnataka 

  • In Karnataka Maari 2 is going through tough time competing with KGF and its’ 14th Day Collection is 3 Lakhs.

Maari 2 18th Day Collection Worldwide

  • Even after being on the 18th Day, Maari 2 has done a decent of 0.60 Cr as its 18th Day Total Collection.

Maari 2 Box Office Collection – Predicted/Expectation

Dhanush is starring in the movie and he is quite popular in the South and has a good fan following. The audience would love to watch Dhanush in the Rowdy Avatar again. The movie seems to be an entertaining one but we have to wait for the movie to release to get the review.

Looking at his popularity and fan base, Maari 2 is expected to make around 100 Cr in Box Office collection. There is also a huge possibility that this can be Dhanush’s most grossing movie. Even though, if the movie does not perform well, the minimum collection will be seen around 50 to 70 Cr.

Antariksham 9000 KMPH and Padi Padi Leche Manasu can affect Maari 2 Box Office Collection in Telugu states. Maari 2 is also competing with Yash’s KGF Box Office Collection.

If the movie Gets Positive Reviews

One of the best possible outcomes for a movie is to get a positive review and collect huge money. Maari 2 ha a good storyline and great acting performances, which is considered to be a huge success in South. Whereas Maari 2 Total Box Office Collection is expected to be around 90 Cr to 100 Cr if the movie has good reviews.

1st-day box office prediction30 Cr
2nd-day box office prediction15 Cr
3rd-day box office prediction8 Cr
Opening weekend box office prediction60 Cr
Worldwide box office prediction80 Cr
Total box office90-100 Cr

If the Word of Mouth is not good

There is also a huge possibility that Maari 2 can be a flop. If viewers do not like the movie, then Maari 2 Box Office collection can be below 70 Cr. But looking at the trailer and his possibility the Flop chances seems minimum, but we need to keep the expectations for good and bad.

1st-day box office Collection prediction10 Cr
2nd-day box office Collection  prediction8 Cr
3rd-day box office Collection prediction5 Cr
Opening weekend box office Collection prediction20 Cr
Worldwide box office Collection  prediction10 Cr
Total box office Collection Prediction50-70 Cr

Maari 2 Cast and Crew 

Here is the table which contains the list of Maari 2 Cast and Crew.

DirectorBalaji Mohan
Actors & ActressesDhanush,
Sai Pallavi,
Tovino Thomas
CinematographyOm Prakash
Written ByBalaji Mohan
Production houseWunderbar Films
Release date21 December 2018

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Maari 2 Official Trailer

Maari 2 is the sequel of Dhanush’s previous movie Maari. In the trailer, Dhanush is back to his work and does all the rowdy things he used to do before. This time he is against a tough opponent who is looking to kill him. The trailer is generating excitement among the people to know about the climax.

Maari 2 Cast & Crew

Directed byBalaji Mohan
Produced byDhanush
ScreenplayBalaji Mohan
Sai Pallavi
Tovino Thomas
Music byYash Shankar Raja
CinematographyOm Prakash
Edited byPrasanna GK
Production companyWunderbar Films
Release date21-December-2018

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