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Nenu Local Full Movie Download

Nenu Local is a 2017 comedy and romantic Telugu movie. Nenu Local is directed by Trinadha Rao Nakkina. The movie is produced by Dil Raju and Shirish. Nani and Keerthy Suresh have played the Lead Roles in this movie. Naveen Chandra, Tulasi, Rao Ramesh, and Ram Prasad have acted in the supporting roles. The screenplay is done by Prasanna Kumar Bezawada, and Trinadha Rao Nakkina, while the Music is directed by Devi Sri Prasad. Below in this article, you can find the details about Nenu Local Full Movie Download and where to Watch Nenu Local Full Movie Online.

Nenu Local Story

Babu’s Struggle To Impress Keerthi

The story of “Nenu Local” is all about a college student, Babu who keeps on doing so many struggles to clear his final exam for completing his Engineering Degree & for the purpose of clearing the degree he also gets the help of the exam supervisor to copy. When the exams get over, Babu meets Keerthy and something like love, at first sight, happens at that time. Finally, after some efforts, Babu succeeds to impresses her (after he helps her best friend to marry her boyfriend). Then a scene came in the movie where Babu and Keerthy are about to meet each other, But in between Keerthi’s ex-fiancé, Siddharth Verma enters and claims that he should marry Keerthy. Then after four years ago, Babu gets to know that, Siddharth vowed to get a job so that Keerthi’s father marries him to her.

When Siddharth Become An Issue

In the present scenario, as Keerthy promised her father that she would marry the man of his choice but now she is in love with Babu so she is in a dilemma when her father asks her to marry Siddharth. But, finally, she thinks that Babu will convince his dad so she tells Babu to convince her father about his love for her so that they can marry each other. Days are passing too fast but Babu was unable to convince Keerthi’s father, & here the twist is that he was also the same person who allowed Babu to copy during the exams and never show his face to him again. In a scene, Babu gets to know this fact.

The Final Fight

On Keerthi’s wedding day, the man whose daughter’s marriage got abandoned due to Babu comes to the ceremony and asks for Keerthi’s would be. Then after some drama, Babu tells the irritated man about his story and also convinces him that Keerthy could never be happy after marriage because her fiancé was in a relationship with Keerthi’s best friend. But Babu’s speech was considered as a drama and Keerthi’s dad taunts him. In order to prove his love for Keerthy, Babu shoots himself with the irritated man’s gun and gets severely injured. This seems like a “special moment” where Keerthi’s dad gets convinced about Babu’s love for her daughter. In the end, Babu and Keerthy get married happily.

In a scene when Keerthi’s father considers Babu’s speech as a drama and taunts him. Soon after listing to him Babu shoots himself with the gun to prove that he truly loves Keerthy and is rushed to the hospital as he gets severely injured. In the climax scene a “special moment” happens when Babu and Keerthy getting married happily. And at last, Siddharth Verma tells his father to find out a girl for him who doesn’t have a boyfriend like Babu.

Movie Details:

Release Date3 Feb 2017
IMDB Rating6.4/10
Language(s)Telugu, Hindi
Movie Length2hrs 17min
Box Office Collection₹60 crore

Nenu Local Full Movie Download HD

Nenu Local was 2017’s Nani’s most popular Telugu movie. Also, for those who are Nani’s fans might be looking for Nenu Local Full Movie Download. In fact, the movie got so popular that it was dubbed in Hindi as “Super Khiladi 4”. But for those who are looking for Nenu Local movie download, must be aware that they are using the illegal source. Because any website allowing Nenu Local Full movie download are operating illegally. Hence, we request you to download Nenu Local movie legal platforms.

Do not opt for Nenu Local Full Movie Download From Illegal websites

For those who are looking to download Nenu Local Full Movie, should be aware that it is illegal. This is because the authority hasn’t granted permission for any platform to allow movie download. In fact, people looking for these websites are indirectly helping piracy.

If you are caught supporting piracy, then you will also come under the punishable act. Hence, make sure that you do not download Nenu Local Full movie from any illegal websites.

From Where to Watch Nenu Local Full Movie Online?

For those want to watch Nenu Local Full Movie online can find many online platforms. Also, you will come across illegal websites, hence we request you to look for legal streaming websites.

  • If you are one of the Zee5 Subscriber, then you can Watch Nenu Local. To watch this movie click on the link: Zee5

As of now, only Zee5 have Nenu Local movie available. Other paid services given below might soon make Nenu Local available.

Watch Nenu Local Full Movie Online Free

Also, for those who want to Watch Nenu Local Full Movie for free can check the legal streaming websites provided below. These platforms are legal to watch Nenu Local Full movie for free.

  • At SonyLIV, you can watch the Hindi Dubbed version of Nenu Local as Super Khiladi 4 for free. Click on the link to watch Nenu Local Hindi Dubbed Super Khiladi 4 online: SonyLIV

Also, you can check on the free streaming websites that might soon stream Nenu Local online.

Nenu Local Reviews:


Nenu Local is a Telugu action-romantic film directed by Trinadha Rao Nakkina. Throughout the movie, it has been noticed how well his direction was. He has truly puts great efforts while creating such a good movie.


The cinematographers or this movie was Nizar Shafi. His cinematography is quite well as per the mood of the movie.


Music of the movie is average. Devi Sri Prasad scored the soundtrack, which was released on Aditya Music. The tracks were so amazing & soothing.


All the actors in the movie had performed really well as per their specific roles. The main leads of the movie as well as the supporting actors had done their job with perfection & should get special applauses for their overall performance. The dialogue delivery by the actors was on point as their timing was so good. So, the overall acting review of this movie is good.


The movie’s box office collection was ₹60 crore (US$8.7 million). Surpassing his previous career best grosser Bale Bale Magadivoi (2015). It also collected over $1 million at the U.S. box office. This film has decent fun, good songs and some light-hearted entertainment which makes this film a good time pass watch this weekend. Overall verdict for the movie is quite good as the movie was average.

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  1. I recently saw Nenu local Full Movie in Hindi version. I just loved this movie.
    Entire cast work really well.

  2. Nenu local Full Movie is a blockbuster movie. Hero Nani sir and kheerhy mam role a nice characters they both are my insperation .

  3. This movie was excellent. Fantastic and mind blowing. This was best film to me and I haven’t seen this type of movie Never before. This is my favourite movie ever and ever.

  4. Mass movie. Good story. Dramatic awesome performance by Nani and pallavi . Overall a good watch for family . Entertaining movie.

  5. Super film which contains action , comedy , love and twist … Nowadays we don’t get such a films.

  6. Super movie coolest and awesome story I love the movie very much and it is A one of the favourite movie for me.

  7. Fantabulous acting . I liked the movie a lot . The action and the love sequences were amazing Jokes and comedy were nice.

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