A Whole New World Movie Clip From “Aladdin” Gives Us A Brief Look At The Characters Of Aladdin And Princess Jasmine

Disney has dropped a brand new Aladdin movie clip on their YouTube channel. This new clip gives us a brief look at the characters of Aladdin & Princess Jasmine. Here, Jasmine is a princess living inside the four walls of a castle unaware of the world outside. Aladdin who’s life recently changed by the arrival of Genie, approached Jasmine to come with him on a magic carpet.

This new Aladdin movie clip gives us a better idea of how the characters will be portrayed in the movie. Aladdin is a regular guy but, after the alliance with Genie & becoming a prince by magic he makes himself suitable to live with that. Jasmine, on the other hand, isn’t familiar with the world outside the castle. But, she isn’t afraid to trust Aladdin or to get on his Magic carpet.

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This gives us an idea of how fearless these characters can be in the movie. That alongside a nice storyline can really give this movie the success, Disney is expecting. However, we are seriously looking forward to this movie & how the story turns out to be. Aladdin hits the theaters on 24th May so, let’s get all our questions, resolved by then.

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