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Petta Full Movie DownloadAfter the huge success of 2.0, now everyone is waiting for Rajinikanth‘s new movie ‘Petta’. This is a Tamil action movie where we will witness Rajinikanth in action. Petta movie is directed by Karthik Subbaraj and he is one of the renowned directors from the Tamil industry. Choose the best live tv streaming service for watching your favorite movies. To know if Petta Full Movie Download, keep reading.

Well, Rajinikanth‘s role in this movie is amazing, along with him all other characters perform well in this movie. The swag of Thalaiva in this movie is splendid and it continues throughout the film.

The first half of the movie is a breeze and replete with amazing dialogues. Above all, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Bobby Simha, Sanath Reddy, Megha Akash, and Malavika Mohanan has done a tremendous job, as Supporter. The action scenes of this movie are outstanding and coming after Petta dialogues the delivery and timing of the scenes are perfect. Screenplay and Music are done by Karthik Subbaraj and Anirudh Ravichanderrespectively. Below in this article, you can find the details about Petta Full Movie Download and where to Watch Petta Full Movie Online Free HD.

Petta Movie Story

Introduction to Kaali

Petta showcases Kaali (Rajnikanth) who is an elderly man working as a hostel warden at a college in Darjeeling. When he visits the hostel he witnesses that the college is dominated by a group of final-year students which is led by Micheal (Bobby Simha). Bobby Simha is the son of a local leader Gnanam (Aadukalam Naren). However, Kali manages to control the behavior of Micheal which leads to hostility.

Later, Kaali forms a thick bond with an NRI named Anwar (Sanath Reddy) who is in a romantic relationship with Anu (Megha Akash) she is a daughter of a pranic healer Mangalam (Simran). When Kaali meets Mangalam to convince her to accept the relationship with Anwar. In this process, Kaali falls for Mangalam.

When Kaali Helps Anwar

Now, Micheal is furious on hearing of Anu’s relationship with Anwar and then he starts to harras them which can be only stopped by Kaali. Because Kaali knows some secrets of Micheal and his friends. Later, a photo posted of Anwar and his mother on Facebook, which has been noticed by the local goon Jithu (Vijay Sethupathi) in UP. Jithu is the son of a powerful politician named Singaaram Singh (Nawazuddin Siddiqui). When Singaaram sees Anwar photo on Facebook with his mother Singaaram send his men to kill him. At the same time, Micheal sends his men to beat Kaali.  Later, Micheal pan fails and his men caught in a fight with Kaali and Singaaram Men. Whereas Kaali defeats Singaaram men following which Anwar remembers about his past.

Malik & Kaali’s Friendship

Now, here some hidden part of the film is unveiled. Anwar is the son of Malik (M. Sasikumar) who is Kaali’s best friend. Kaali’s real name is Petta Velan whereas 20 years ago in a village of Madurai district Malik was in a relationship with Poongodi (Malavika Mohanan) who was impregnated by him without marriage.

Later, when Petta heard of this incident, he and his wife Saro (Trisha Krishnan) managed to convince Poongodi’s father for a marriage between Malik and Poongodi. Upon this, Rajapandi’s two sons Devaaram and Singaaram refused for the alliance and killed their father. Later, when Petta heard about Rajapandi’s murder he killed Devaaram on Rajapandi’s funeral. Afterward, Poongadi gives birth to a baby boy who was Anwar. On listening to this whole story, Petta, Anwar, and Micheal’s henchman leave for Uttar Pradesh to finish off Singaaram.

The Climax

In Uttar Pradesh, Anwar and Petta face Jithu who is elected to kill them both after he learned about the hostility between Peeta and his father. Both of them manage to escape from him. Within a short span, Petta meets Jithu privately and tells him about his is none other than his son Chinna. Later, when Jithu confronts about his family then Singaaram send is men to kill Jithu, then Petta rescues him. Along with Anwar and Micheal henchman, Petta, and Jithu rushes Singaaram’s mansion and kill him and his henchmen.

Here one more twist occurs at the ned when Petta gives a surprise to Jithu saying that he is not his son, he is Singaaram’s son. Petta used him to lead to Singaaram as a part of his strategy. Further, Petta reveals that Chinna who died 20 years ago in an incident. Then, he tells Jithu he will kill him or leave him alive. Right after that, a gunshot is heard and end of the film.

Movie Details

Release Date 9 Jan 2019
Movie Length 2hr: 15 min
Language(s) Tamil,
IMDB Rating 7.7/10
Budget 1460 Cr
Petta Box Office Collection 250 Cr

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Petta Full Movie Download HD

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Petta Full movie download is currently available on Netflix. In fact, you can only watch the Petta in Tamil Language. We might get the Hindi and Telugu versions soon by the end of April.

  • Click on the link to watch Petta movie: Netflix

Also, other legal streaming websites might have Petta movies available soon by the end of 2019. We will update you once, Petta Movie Download is available on the below-mentioned website.


  1. Rajnikanth looks charming and his action in this movie is amazing. After 2.0 this is the best action film of Superstar Rajnikanth.

  2. World superstar rajnikhanth sir rocks in petta full movie.and nawasnawaz Siddiqui is also the best actor.

  3. WOW ! Amazing performance cast ,crew everything is perfectly maintain . No doubt sir you are the Thalaivar of Tollywood Industry.

  4. Excellent,mind blowing, treat to eyes ..
    Petta has got the rajnism back to reality again
    Karthik Subbaraj thanks and hats off to you

  5. it’s the full package,stylish,commercial,and action packed.everyone did their role to perfection and Thalaivar was just too damn good. I will give 5 or 4.7

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