Petta Review and Rating

It’s a Rajinikanth movie and people have high hope from his movies. Petta is Rajinikanth’s first movie in 2019 it has already created good hype. We see a huge potential in Petta Box Office collection, which will be remarkable. The only Question is; Will Petta could do as better as 2.0?

Petta Review

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Petta Movie Review

Before we talk about our Petta review, it is really important to know public have loved the movie or not. Whereas, Public is a reaction there is quite an excitement seen in them after the movie. Petta is getting a positive response from them an audience and we might witness the effect in its Box Office. However, Karthik Subbaraj has done an amazing job as a director.

Well, Rajinikanth‘s role in this movie is amazing, along with him all other characters perform well in this movie. The swag of Thalaiva in this movie is splendid and it continues throughout the film.

The first half of the movie is a breeze and replete with amazing dialogues. Above all, Nawazuddin Siddiqui has done a tremendous job, as a villain. The action scenes of this movie are outstanding and coming after Petta dialogues the delivery and timing of the scenes are perfect.

People out there are screaming on the name of superstar Rajnikanth. Nevertheless,  Rajinikanth proves that he is an exalted actor, he totally drives people crazy. Petta movie in the theatres are house full and Thalaiva is back in action.

Petta Movie Highlights

  • Rajinikanth’s style and action
  • Uplifting music
  • Karthik Subbaraj’s direction

Rajinikanth’s Acting

We cannot deny that Rajinikanth is still as flawless as he was at his young age. Rajinikanth is seen as a Hostel warden where he keeps things cool as his way. But later he gets into a controversial battle with Nawazuddin who is playing politician from Uttar Pradesh.

As usual, Rajinikanth’s dialogs and action scene will make you speechless.  Petta is a complete Rajini style movie and there is no doubt his fans will not love the movie.

Nawazuddin Siddique’s Role In Petta

This is the first time that we are seeing Nawaz with Rajinikanth and his role is the most important role. It seems like Karthik knew what Nawaz is best at and we see him playing a politician from Uttar Prades.

If Nawazuddin was not playing this role, then there is no one would do it better. Nawaz’s character is shown calm by Brian and aggressive by his gangster behavior. With Rajini, Nawaz also has some amazing dialog.

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Pett Music Review

We have loved the background score of the movie, but the Tamil music was quite average. We believe that the music could have been better. But if you ask one of my favorite songs in Petta, then it would be Ullaallaa and Marana Mass.

Both the songs are quite uplifting and we will be listening this is most of the parties in 2019 and later.

Petta Public Talk & Review

Petta is on fire on its first day and it’s going to generate big revenue for the crew. Overall featuring actors performed well in the movie and superstar Rajinikanth‘s swag is different from others. Rajinikanth’s fans go crazy after watching Petta and it seems it has fulfilled public expectations. Here is the glimpse of the Petta public review.

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