Famous Phone Numbers in Your Favorite TV Shows and Movies

Have you ever seen or heard phone numbers in movies or TV shows and wondered if they are real people’s numbers? Maybe you’ve even tried calling a number you’ve heard just to see if it works. Most people have heard of the famous song by Tommy Tutone, “867-5309/Jenny”. Well, if this was your phone number at the time when this song came out, your phone was probably ringing nonstop.

This song came out before caller ID or reverse phone lookup were relevant and regularly used, so there was no way to determine who was calling. Whether it was a prank call or an important call, you weren’t able to tell either way. So, this probably leaves you with a few questions. Were real phone numbers always used in TV shows and movies? If so, people probably got a lot of phone calls. 

Are Real Numbers Used in TV Shows and Movies?

In TV shows and movies, real numbers were used sometimes but not always. According to a telephone company, Bell System, there were certain numbers that were reserved to be used in TV shows or movies. Typically, these numbers started with the area code 555. This was to avoid prank calls and unsolicited calls to people who weren’t expecting any calls. Some famous shows and movies such as Ghostbusters (1984), Seinfeld (1991), and Last Action Hero (1993) all used numbers with 555 as the area code to avoid unsolicited phone calls. 

Phone Numbers of Your Favorite TV and Movie CharactersPhone Numbers of Your Favorite TV and Movie Characters Created By:  PeopleFinders

More recently, scriptwriters have started using more realistic phone numbers to set the scene better. Using area codes that are real makes shows and movies a bit more believable. Some even decided to stick these real numbers in on purpose to bait viewers into calling them. Typically, when they are called, you reach a recording of a character in the show or movie in which it’s featured. In more recent shows such as The Office (2008), Breaking Bad (2013), and Stranger Things (2019), real numbers were used, and a recording was played whenever they were called. 

Maybe you’ve attempted to dial one of these numbers, only to reach your favorite character’s voice. However, have you wondered who actually owns the phone numbers that you hear on TV or in movies? Luckily, you can use PeopleFinders.com reverse phone lookup feature to figure it out. 

What is Reverse Phone Lookup?

Reverse phone lookup on PeopleFinders.com allows you to look up public information, such as phone numbers. In fact, this is just one feature within their large database of public information. When you go to look up a phone number, you can come across a ton of other information as well. All you have to do is type in the number, and you’ll be provided with the person’s name, email, current and past home addresses, and social media accounts. 

If you are someone who often receives prank calls, this feature could really come in handy for you. It can help determine which calls are important and which are scams. Most people will experience a telemarketer or someone asking for money over the phone. Reverse phone lookup can help determine if these calls are important or not.