A Look at Prime Video’s Streaming Strength

Amazon may have originally risen to prominence as an online retailer, but it has gone on to have significant interests in a range of different areas.

Prime Video’s Streaming

Of course, its presence has been particularly felt in the movie world across recent years, both through its involvement in productions and also its Prime Video service. Now, the organization has struck a major deal that could see some top titles appear on the latter in the next few years.

Universal agreement

Earlier this month, Amazon announced that its Prime Video and IMDb TV platforms had agreed to a multi-year deal with Universal Filmed Entertainment Group (UFEG). 

The agreement means that Prime Video will have a ‘pay-one window’ for live-action movies released by UFEG in the US, while it will also have rights to so-called library movies as well. This means that, from 2022, UFEG’s movies will launch on Peacock after being in cinemas, while they will then land on Prime Video several months later. Upcoming movies affected by the deal are thought to include Jurassic World: Dominion.

The Jurassic Park franchise is of course much loved, and we included the original in our rundown of the top-rated Hollywood movies of all time. Amazon’s deal with UFEG also means that the rest of that movie series, as well as other franchises like Bourne and Fast & Furious, could become available to Prime members.

A big issue

The agreement is a notable one and the number of headlines generated by the news is perhaps a reminder of just how significant activity in the streaming world has become.

Technology is now a crucial part of the world of movies and TV, as Prime Video does battle with a host of other platforms including Netflix and Disney+. However, streaming’s impact has also been felt in many other areas, with it playing a big role in the modern music industry and the gaming sector too.

The latter is highlighted by platforms such as Microsoft’s xCloud system – The Verge recently revealed how that service is now available across iOS devices and PCs. Casino gaming has also been affected by streaming trends, with live dealer games becoming all the rage with players. Indeed, the online gambling reviews portal Asiabet devotes several pages to the live casino experiences available in India and other Asian countries. As the website explains, these types of games allow players to enjoy real-life casino action via a video stream. They also have the opportunity to interact with the dealers who are hosting games of blackjack, baccarat, or roulette.

Major player

However, when it comes to discussing the biggest streaming platforms in the entertainment world, it is fairly apparent that Prime Video is now a major player.  In recent weeks, In addition to the ‘UFEG announcement’, there have been plenty of other developments related to the platform.

For instance, the English Premier League club Arsenal recently confirmed that it would be the focus of a new All or Nothing documentary series that will be broadcast on Prime Video in several countries next year. A statement on the team’s website said that the series would look at life in and around the club while also following the squad away from the pitch.

Elsewhere, Deadline exclusively revealed that Amazon Studios is thought to be in discussions with Skydance about a sequel to The Tomorrow War. The movie launched on Prime Video at the start of July and the website outlines how it is thought to have been a major success, having an impact across a range of countries including the US, India, Germany, Argentina, and Japan. Deadline adds that there are hopes to bring back many of those originally involved, including stars Chris Pratt and JK Simmons.

A strong presence

All in all, it is incredible to consider how Prime Video has developed such a strong presence in the domain of movies and TV.

Streaming technology has become a crucial element in the entertainment world. The power of platforms is highlighted by how they can strike major deals and begin discussions about big projects featuring A-list stars.

It will be intriguing to see what else Prime Video gets up to in the months ahead, as well as what other services have up their sleeves as competition in the area continues to heat up.