‘Rakshasudu’ Teaser Out- Bellamkonda Sreeniva’s Telugu Movie A Psycho Thriller And A Must Watch

'Rakshasudu' Teaser Out

Bellamkonda Sreenivas regarded as one of the best actors in the Telugu Cinema world. He has acted in a lot of big budget movies and now shows his acting skills again. ‘Rakshasudu’ is the movie where we will see the actor in the role of a Cop. The movie also stars Anupama Parameswaran in the lead role. The direction is by Ramesh Varma Penmetsa and production by Satyanarayana Koneru.

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The movie teaser shows a glimpse that the movie is about a psychotic killer who goes around killing people. Bellamkonda Sreenivas plays the role of a cop with ease and a lot of confidence. ‘Rakshasudu’ the movie is a remake of popular Tamil film Ratsasan. The teaser is great as far as the approach of the film is considered.

Rakshasudu Movie Teaser


The movie teaser is of just 50 seconds and surely keeps one on the edge of the seat as it has a gripping story and equally well supported by the fabulous cast of the film. So the movie in just a day has cross 4 lac views and is creating a lot of expectations. here we get to know about ‘Rakshasudu’ Teaser Out and much awaited.

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