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Ghani Movie

Ghani is a 2022 Indian Telugu language sports drama film written and directed by Kiran Korrapati and produced by Sidhu Mudda under the banner of Renaissance Pictures and Allu Bobby Company. The film stars Varun Tej as the title character along with Sunil Shetty, Sai Manjrekar, Upendra, Jagapathi Babu, and Naveen Chandra. George c. Williams provided Cinematography, and Marthand K Venkatesh has the Editor of this movie.

Trailer Info:

Varun Tej’s ‘Ghani’ movie trailer was released today amid huge expectations. The makers left out the 2.18-minute trailer‌, which looks every bit gripping and interesting. The trailer starts with Ghani promising his mother not to get into the boxing ring and in the next shot, he gets into a fight with an opponent.

The young boxer who hid his secret from his mother overcame all his obstacles to become a national champion. The trailer is full of all kinds of emotions like romance, mother sentiments, and emotions. Leading actress Sai Manjrekar captivated the audience with her glamor.

Movie Story:

Ghani character performed by Varun Tej is a boxer. His dream is to become a national champion. Moreover, it turns out that he took drugs. With that everyone calls Ghani, his mother everyone calls me Nana. Leave Hyderabad and go to Visakhapatnam. If he likes to recover the grace lost by his father. He likes to be a champion in the Indian Boxing League. Hates the father. When does she know the thing? What happened in the end?

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Movie Review:

When it comes to Ghani’s story … there is nothing new. Most significantly the love track between the heroine and hero in Fastoff is not really amazing. Conforms to the expectations of the audience. If not … Excellently reached to the First half. The dialogues written by Abburi Ravi were vital for some backgrounds. Wrote in-depth dialogues. The director obtained good help from cinematographer George C. Williams. The film is good visually. Among the existing songs, the song ‘Romeo and Juliet La sang by Aditi, the daughter of South Indian star director Shankar, is good. Tamanna’s performance was the amazing appeal for the song ‘Kodithe.

The first half is all about routine scenes and so there is nothing. He can do bigger as an actor. Went on making it easy. After the interval, particularly the climax, a new Varun Tej appears half an hour before. Impressed with the acting. Nadia, Sunil Shetty, Upendra, and Jagapathi Babu are routine characters. Their acting in those roles was a plus. How to be a commercial heroine? Are so! Naveen Chandra did excellently in face-to-face scenes with Varun Tej.The mother has the feeling that her son is hiding the truth. Overall … time goes by without any expectations. Varun Tej’s acting and production values ​​are impressive.

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