Sunny Leone Shares Family Photographs While Living in LA

Sunny Leone

Bollywood star Sunny Leone is still very much in the limelight despite taking an enforced break from her filming schedule. She is currently in LA with husband Daniel Weber having travelled there before restrictions were imposed, to be with his family.

The break in filming does not mean that Sunny is not still very busy. She recently filmed a music video in LA and is still active in her role as brand ambassador for Jeetwin. It’s a role that she takes very seriously and she has spoken of her enjoyment playing the games that the brand provides. However, like most people, Sunny realises that life is not all about work.

Time away from work

Despite continuing to work while in LA, Sunny is still making sure that she spends plenty of quality time with husband Danny and their children Nisha Kaur Weber, Asher Singh Weber, and Noah Singh Weber. The family all seem to be enjoying their lives in the US right now.

The couple recently shared matching pictures of them enjoying some time at the beach. They were seen walking and smiling contentedly. It seems that they are pretty happy with life at the moment.

A new career as a hairstylist?

Fans of the beautiful Bollywood actor may be forgiven for thinking that she is considering a change of career. This is due to Danny sharing pictures on Instagram of his wife trying out new hairstyles on him.

Although, by the look on his face, Danny was less than enthusiastic about the situation. He even asked why she was making his hair look like a bird’s best. The posts were obviously part of the usual banter between the two. They are known for sharing affectionate jokes and pranks with each other.

Sunny shared one such prank with her fans on Instagram. The post featured a video of her popping a water balloon on Danny as he slept. She commented that he made it very easy to prank him.

It’s this type of fun that has kept the couple’s relationship going strong since they first met in Las Vegas. Since then they have shared their genuine love for each other across social media where they are both very active.

A return to filming

Despite her recent efforts as a hairstylist, Sunny has no intentions of quitting her movie career. She has movies already in the pipeline for release this year, including period drama Veeramadevi.

Of course, the world is still subject to a lot of restrictions right now. This means that Sunny is likely to remain in LA with her family for the foreseeable future.

However, once normality starts to return, she is likely to return to filming. Her fans are already looking forward to this. They have missed her presence on the big screen. In the meantime, we will all have to make do with keeping up with Sunny and Danny and their children on social media as they enjoy life in LA.