How to take a little bit of home with you on your travels

little bit of home with you on your travels

Travel is making a comeback and although road trips have been the first port of call for many, as air routes re-open, there will be more people journeying to their favorite international locations. There have been a few notable changes at all airports, travel hubs and points of arrival and departure. Arrive earlier than you normally would. 

To ease any anxiety about the opening up of countries and new travel, this article will provide you with a range of tips to use. It will help to take a little bit of home with you when you go.

Tech to communicate

Being able to speak to and video call family and friends at home is a wonderful way to keep connected and will provide support during the trip should you require this. It’s something that you may take for granted, but if it’s a longish trip, being able to talk to friends and family will be vital to ease any travel anxiety and to pass the additional waiting time. Take a combination of the basics: a smart mobile phone, laptop, or tablet, with the usual suspects of either Skype, Teams, and WhatsApp.

Games that you normally play

Taking your laptop or mobile device with the apps or games that you normally access for your ‘on the go’ entertainment will allow you to access and play at Again, this provides something to pass the time between flights or while on trains, buses, and automobiles. Having a mobile device with your favorite games, which you would normally play when relaxing at home, will provide a sense of calm and relaxation.

Share pics and events

Whatever smart tech you decide to take must be capable of taking high-quality photographs. Upload these to your social media and share the trip. Social media can additionally provide a way to communicate and engage in activities and social interaction that you would have had if you had been at home. If the travels are frequent and lengthy in nature, then like many out there, consider starting a blog for this purpose and if it’s any good, then it could very well pay you to travel and visit new and exciting places. The current trend is to provide up-to-date advice and real-time information as well as documenting any travel changes and adjustments that travelers need to make as you do.

Keep a calendar for important dates back home, birthdays of friends and family, public holidays, and national days. Then make a point of contacting the people as noted on the days that would mean something to them. 

Lastly, keep in mind that the self-same technology that will be used to communicate, take pics, and more can and should also be used instead of cash, and as an emergency means of getting in contact with help. 

Staying connected with those that have not traveled with you is important in that it provides them with a sense of comfort knowing that you are OK. It also provides you with support and guidance should you need it and can be used as a means of sharing the amazing experience of travel and adventure with friends and loved ones.