Who will be the new James Bond?

new James Bond

For fans of western cinema, there is really no bigger movie franchise than James Bond – both in terms of cinematic output and in publicity. After 25 films, the excitement about a new 007 movie is still palpable even when there is nothing currently in production. Also, because the movies have been hitting our screens since 1962, there have been numerous actors picked to play the eponymous hero. That in itself adds to the mythology around a Bond movie.

As Daniel Craig wrapped his last film in the franchise, 2021’s No Time To Die, the rumour mill kicked into gear with speculation as to who would be the next Bond. People have already flooded to https://casinosnotongamstop.org/ looking for odds on the next actor to play the most iconic character in British cinema. And right now, they’re still wondering because as of this moment, all that we know about the 26th James Bond movie is that there will be one. We can probably assume it will feature espionage at some point, too, but who knows?

Rege-Jean Page

Over recent years there has been some amount of debate as to whether the next Bond should be someone other than a white man – or even a woman. This has come against a backdrop of another iconic British role, in Doctor Who, going first to Jodie Whittaker and then, more recently, to Ncuti Gatwa, the first black Doctor. While the smart money is against a “Jane Bond”, bookies currently favour Bridgerton star, Rege-Jean Page, as the name to play 007 next. He’d be the first black Bond, and he has experience being suave in expensive clothing, so he’s got the pedigree.

Aidan Turner

There has been an Irish Bond before, with Pierce Brosnan taking the role for four films between 1995 and 2002, so Turner wouldn’t be a controversial choice for that reason. He’s currently best known for his role in Poldark, which launched him as a romantic lead in the eyes of the watching world. While Bond is obviously a different kind of role than the costume drama world of Poldark, there seems to be little doubt that Turner could command attention in the role. At 39, he’s almost the perfect age to play Bond.

Henry Cavill

One question asked about any potential new Bond is whether they have the experience and the presence to play such an iconic character. In this regard, Cavill is hard to beat. As the first British actor to play Superman, he’s already been formed in the fires of cineast opinion. He’s spoken about the role in interviews – always in response to being asked, because Bond isn’t a role for which you ever pitch yourself – and is certainly open to playing 007. It may come down to whether the studio wishes to cast an actor who has already become a box-office draw in one major role, or whether they choose to make someone a household name as they did with Craig.