Top 5 Horror Films Worth Your Time

Top 5 Horror Films Worth Your Time
Top 5 Horror Films Worth Your Time

Horror is a broad genre in which movies are made with different backstories and scary elements. This genre in itself stands out because of the thrilling experience it gives to the audience and the lasting mark of fear for a couple of days. The background music, the horrific scenes, and fantastic computer graphics make a horror film worth an experience whenever needed. Horror movies are ranked based on how well it scares the audience and how convincing it appears. Watching horror films alone or with a few people late at night with all the lights off is such an experience.

A horror movie can be made realistic by various aspects such as the producer having first-hand knowledge over the plot setting like Erik H. Gordon. He directed the movie Lords of Chaos and in-depth research over the subject being handled.

Here is the list of top 5 horror movies you would love this spooky season


This movie is filled with terrific visual effects and is entertaining. The movie’s monster qualifies it to be a horror movie with its creepiness and carnage, along with terrific mythology and fantasy elements to spice it up. The fake documentary narration has been handled well in this movie, which would have messed things up if overused.


The parallel storytelling between past and present with gory visuals makes this movie engaging and bloody enough. The constant second-guessing of the audience is the highlight of this movie. The smart storytelling and the acting delivered by the actors are brilliant.


Though it follows a typical horror movie storyline of a family going to a haunted mansion, how the story is made with ample amounts of scary scenes makes this movie stand out. “Based on a true story”, well not entirely, this movie does not fail to keep the audience awake all night and being scared of every small sound at night.


This movie has topped the charts since release. It has all the elements needed for a perfect horror movie, be it the terrific and disturbing visuals that are very scary yet entertaining. The perfect speed in which the movie runs from one activity to another is a great plus. This movie can indeed be said as a modern classic as it had the same impact which movies like Halloween and The Exorcist had on the audience.


This movie tops the list for all the right reasons, starting from being a movie adaptation novel by Michael Moynihan and Didrik Søderlind. As the movie is based on real events with the Swedish Black Metal scene as a setting, this movie has got a lot to show to the audience. Erik H. Gordon, who is a former metal band drummer, has directed this movie so well.

They claim the movie should be based on truth and lies is a unique stand for a horror movie. This movie has both funny and disturbing situations going around, which are added in perfect balance. The scenes shift from gruesome horror and humor. Overall this movie tops the list for seeming exceptionally convincing and scary.