How Online Streaming Services Are Affecting Cinema And Theatre 

Online streaming services such as Netflix and Prime Video have skyrocketed in popularity in recent times, especially in 2020 when many have struggled for forms of entertainment when being in lockdown and therefore stuck at home so sign-ups for these types of services have surged. However, because of the rise in demand for these types of services, the film industry has been affected in the way of live movies and cinema levels being at an all-time low; today we access this. Here, you can find the details about how online streaming services are affecting cinema and theatre.

How Online Streaming Services Are Affecting Cinema
How Online Streaming Services Are Affecting Cinema

Most consumers are so familiar with the mainstream types of Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and Netflix with them being so widely available and due to the successful business model by Netflix, many other competitors want to get in on the action with many now flooding the market – very beneficial for us consumers. But many “old-school” consumers who aren’t used to the digital age believe that films are a type of art and that they need to be viewed within the environment of a cinema of theatre due to being on the big screen and the atmospheric themes that these venues offer.

However, as stated above, the digital age is taking over and in today’s climate, it’s so easy to be able to stay at home and watch some of the biggest blockbuster films on our TVs at home. Some people in which we completed a survey regarding the topic in question stated to us that “Why would I go to the cinema when I can watch my favorite films from the comfort of my own home?” This attitude has totally affected the demographic of the industry with many being able to get multiple choices of films for just £5.99/month with is considerably cheaper than that of a cinema ticket and snacks.

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