Top 5 Movies That Will Inspire You to do Your Homework

While as a college student, you’re expected to stay motivated at all times, you’re bound to experience low moments when you don’t feel like you’ve got it in you to do your homework. If you have experienced this before, don’t worry because you’re not the only student who feels overwhelmed by homework sometimes. This article will highlight the Top 5 Movies That Will Inspire You to do The Homework that will get you in the right mood to complete your homework.

If you enjoy wanting movies over the weekend, this could be your solution to the conundrum of not feeling like doing your homework. If you choose the right move, you can actually trick your brain into wanting to do academic stuff. Aside from that, you can always seek homework and assignment help when the deadline is too close, and you don’t have enough time to do excellent work.

Once you find a solution to procrastination, you enjoy your weekends more because you won’t be overwhelmed by your academic workload. Understanding that your primary reason for being in school is to learn gives you the insights you need to participate in activities that make you a better student. 

If you’re ready, let’s get started!

Top 5 Movies That Will Inspire You

1. Dead Poets Society (1989)

If you’re a fan of Robin Williams, then 1989’s Dead Poets Society is a movie worth your time. In this movie, he plays the role of an unconventional yet exceptional English teacher who uses poetry to show his students the other side of the world. 

He goes by the name John Keating and every time he walks into a class, his main aim is to help students break any barriers that might be keeping them from their destiny. Keating also uses his position as an educator to champion programs that help students achieve academic success.

According to him, students don’t necessarily need strict rules for them to stay on the straight and narrow. He believes that all educators need to do is better explain the value of education in the real world.  

As a young teacher trying to bring necessary change into a school that has been conventionally operated for years, he’s an inspiration to the student body. This emotionally charged movie reflects how much educators have done over the years to make learning institutions conducive for all students. 

2.The Pursuit of Happiness (2006)

Just from the title, you can tell that this 2006 production is a movie you would enjoy seeing. It is a real-life narration that will have you at the edge of your seat from beginning to end. It showcases a hardworking young man who uses his skills and talents to boost the quality of his life. 

Chris Gardner is the name of the main character who is featured to have moved from grass to riches through sheer perseverance. This movie teaches you that if you want to live a good life in the future, you have to use every opportunity life gives you to get ahead. 

3. Good Will Hunting (1997)

This is yet another inspirational movie that showcases a young main actor who uses his inborn talents to transform his life. Being a mathematical prodigy, Will consciously chooses to abandon the life of street fighting and chooses to use his gifts to better position himself in society. If you’re struggling with math, this movie shows you that anyone can be good at this subject. And if you’re looking for online math assignment help, you can see more services you could potentially work with if you browse the internet. This movie demonstrates that any student can turn things around as long as they’re intentional about making positive changes in their life.

4. School of Rock (2003)

School of Rock features a musician who initially hoped to get successful while being irresponsible and unprofessional. Instead of putting in the work, he leverages TV interviews to get the exposure he needs to be an international sensation. However, life teaches him that anything good needs work, so he gets down to business.  Even though this movie is not as well-known as the other ones on this list, it’s a worthy mention because it demonstrates the impact education has on professionals’ success. It also reminds you to utilize your talents to get ahead in life. 

5. Freedom Writers (2007)

Last but definitely not least, there’s Freedom Writer, which, from the title, you can tell will be a thrilling watch. This movie couldn’t be more perfect for the inspiration you need to do your homework because it is based on a true story. It talks about a teacher who achieved great success pulling less fortunate students up the academic success ladder. 

Erin is a single-minded teacher who has one goal, to demonstrate her passion for education by guiding students towards their success. 

Wrapping Up

Studying can be a fun experience, but as a human being, there are moments when you’ll crave non-educational activities because you’re a multidimensional individual who needs to explore different ventures. Thankfully, you can always watch a movie to get the inspiration you need to get to those assignments you’ve been avoiding.