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Issaimani is an illegal movie download website that uploads Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam movies. A lot of campaign was run by Production Houses and actors to stop downloading movies from illegal websites like Issaimani.

Disclaimer: does not support or promote piracy. In fact, we are committed to the fight against Piracy.  We are educating millions of viewers every month, about the impact of Piracy on the Film industry. We educate them about how piracy affects the Livelihoods of millions of people.

Issaimani is Illegal, Governments block these websites

After getting tons of complaints from the Production Houses, actors, and distributors Indian Government have declared Issaimani Illegal and banned this website. Even after several bans, you will still find Issaiman website with different domain extensions. However, these websites get banned as soon as it is life.

 Indiatimes had recently published an article, quoting that “Soon Downloading Pirated Movies Could Land You Behind The Bars For 3 Years, Fine.”

Why Is It Illegal To Download Movies From Issaimani

Production Houses spends million to make movies. Only they have the copyright to share their content. Any Production House has never shared the rights with Issaimani to upload their content. As a result, anything that Issaimani is sharing online is illegal.

As per the Indian Copyright act 1957, Issaimani is an illegal website and is doing a criminal offense. The law clearly states that downloading movies from Issaimani is also a criminal act.

Telugu Film Gang Leader Full Movie Leaked Online: Telugu superstar, Nani’s latest film Gang Leader, has slumped prey to piracy. Issaimani has leaked an HD copy of this film online. People who are fond of pirated films are watching newly released movies on their own devices with the illegal website URL’s like Issaimani and downloading the pirated copy of the gang leader.

Apart from Nani, the film stars Priyanka Arul Mohan, Lakshmi, Saranya, Aneesh Kuruvilla, Priyadarshi, Raghu Babu, Vennela Kishore, Pranya and Satya in the lead roles. Filmmakers fed off because of such activities and also they are keep lodging complaints on this kind of websites.

Issaimani, despite all the restrictions, the film’s piracy is not deterred. It is leaking movies of almost every language within a period from the movie release. Issaimani leaks TV shows are also leaking along with the film. As the name suggests, Issaimani initially leaked only Tamil films. But gradually its scope expanded to leaking movies in almost every language.

Following the order of the Chennai High Court and the strictness of the police, Issaimani have found a new way of piracy. Now they change current domain address every week so that it cannot be traced. Issaimani has plagued the filmmakers with this kind of actions. For the past few months, Issaimani has been leaking almost every film.

Why Issaimani Does Not Have Official Website or Social Media Presence

Issaimani is an illegal medium to download movies, videos. Social Media sites like Facebook, YouTube Movies, Twitter, and others have a strict policy against piracy. Hence Issaimani does not any office page or social media profile.

How much Illegal websites like Issaimani are costing Film Industry?

In reference to the recent report from MoneyControl, Indian Movie Industry have to bear a loss of 18,000 Cr in the year 2018. This is a huge amount and Issaimani being a leading source to support piracy is affecting the livelihood of millions of people amount the world.

Extracted from US Government website

Following text from the US government website, gives us an idea about the impact the sites as Issaimani has on the audience and also on the society at the macro level.

The revenues lost from piracy affect carpenters, electricians and other craftsmen who work in the entertainment industry as well as the economies of countries all over the world where movies are made. Movie piracy can affect you as well, even if you’re not downloading illegal copies of movies” –

Legal ways to watch Movies Online?

In the current era, there are several Legal Streaming sites that allow watching movies/TV shows legally. Thanks to the advance Telecom technology that have reduced the data charges. As a result, household devices like Smart TV, Smartphone, Laptops and more have access to these legal streaming sites.

There are several legal streaming sites and all of them follow one of the 3 simple Services. 

  • Free Streaming of Movies online –  Hotstar is one of the big examples that allows streaming movie for free. 
  • Pay per Movie –  For those who are not a regular viewer, should opt for Pay Per Movie Service. YouTube movies are one of the examples that allow Pay Per Movie service. 
  • Monthly subscription – One of the best service for those who watch movies, web series on regular basis. With Monthly subscription service, you can watch unlimited movies anytime and anywhere. Websites like Netflix, Prime Videos and more allows Monthly Subscription services.