Are The Cinemas Under Threat From Online Alternatives?

With us currently fully invested in the digital age, gone are the days of high-street shopping due to cheaper and less-hassle alternatives being used more frequently than ever simply down to how easy it is to do it. However, there are some industries like Cinemas that have always been the popular occasion for many of us but they are also being affected by the digital age and have the potential to be pushed out forever; today we investigate that. Here, you can find the details about are the cinemas under threat from online alternatives.

Are The Cinemas Under Threat From Online Alternatives
Are The Cinemas Under Threat From Online Alternatives

Cinema has always hosted the latest box-office films from Hollywood and over time has always been the first to have access to them. Although now, due to the advances in technology that companies are showing, there are now illegal streaming services that are now getting access to the latest blockbuster films before the cinemas. This is ensuring that the ticket sales at cinemas are slowly decreasing with many being able to find streams online for free compared to travel costs, ticket prices, and confectionary all being spent at the cinema.

Cinemas have been one of the worst affected in 2020 mainly due to the Coronavirus and with governments highlighting them as one of the hotspots for high transmission rates. This has ensured that not just cinemas and employees have been affected, but the box-office is also potentially about to record its worst numbers on record due to many of us being unable to go to the cinema at all through the heights of the lockdown. With numbers not getting any better in regard to the virus, this is set to continue.

With the world being affected by the global pandemic caused by Covid-19 this year, it has forced many to seek alternative methods to keep entertained during these times and online services have been the beneficiary of this, especially these casinos not on gamstop. These particular casinos have ridden the wave of the lockdown by offering deals and sign-up bonuses to all new customers signing up during lockdown months.

Furthermore, online streaming services like Netflix are also taking over the market and there’s no surprise to this due to the low cost that they can offer to us consumers at such an affordable price of under £10 per month (this is cheaper than one visit to the cinema!) For one visit to the cinema you get the life and surround sound experience, but with streaming services like Netflix you can watch any endless amounts of movies and tv shows from the comfort of your own home and the quality of shows that they have on there is seriously impressive.