5 Film Stars Who Loved Playing Casino Games

5 Film Stars Who Loved Playing Games
5 Film Stars Who Loved Playing Games

Are you a fan of playing in online and land-based casinos? If millions of people worldwide consider this their favorite leisure activity, why would celebrities are very fond of playing these games? Mention below is 5 Film Stars Who Loved Playing Casino Games.

Ray Romano

We will start with a true poker fan, and that’s Ray Romano. If you take a look at his career, he achieved the biggest fame with comedies and cartoons. We all know him for his role on Everybody Loves Raymond. Children (and adults) also love his voice in Ice Age, where he voiced Manny the mammoth.

But when it comes to Romano’s real life, it is full of poker action, and the reports indicate he has played in the World Series of Poker for over ten years. Many players would consider his best result a success – Ray managed to get to the third playing day in 2013. Since celebrities often participate in WSOP, Romano can brag that he is the one that made it the furthest.

Romano even surprised his son for his 21st birthday. The present Ray purchased was a $5K buy-in for the WSOP tournament. But here is a twist – he promised a drink to the dealer who dealt the cards that would eliminate the junior from the competition.

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Pamela Anderson

If you ask males, Pamela Anderson is probably one of the hottest movie stars out there. Although she played in films like Barbwire, Pamela is most known for its portrayal of C.J. on Baywatch.

You might notice a pattern here – celebrities love playing poker, and females aren’t an exception. Pamela Anderson is another passionate poker player, but it’s still unclear how successful she is. For example, reports were claiming that she lost $250K on this hobby in 2007.

The media often only reports the negatives, and we are sure Pamela also won huge money on multiple occasions. Apart from poker, we know that Pamela is also a slot fan.

Although it’s a rumor, there is a story that Anderson only married Rick Solomon because of a wager. According to those details, Solomon won a bet that Pamela couldn’t pay, and that’s why she ended up marrying him.

Ben Affleck

As far as we know, the X-Men Apocalypse movie stars aren’t passionate fans of playing casino games. However, there is another player who admitted that he loves to gamble, and that’s Batman. We are talking about Ben Affleck, who portrayed Bruce Wayne on multiple occasions. That includes movies like Suicide Squad and Justice League.

In real life, Affleck might think there isn’t much justice for him, but that’s because he’s not the best example of responsible gambling. According to reports, it was a gaming obsession that led to his marriage with Jennifer Garner ending on poor terms.

The sources indicate he spent hours playing online poker, and the WSOP confirmed that Affleck played their tournaments multiple times. It’s interesting to note Affleck won the California State Poker tournament and beat over 90 other players for the title.

Affleck even starred in a movie about poker – it was Rounders in 1988. That increased the popularity of poker and allegedly attracted the actor to this game. He decided to acquire professional training from experts like Annie Duke and Amir Vahedi. As a result, Affleck became pretty successful at this game.

James Woods

Another interesting observation is that film stars that play in casino-related movies usually end up being gambling fans. That shows how exciting casinos are, and James Woods is another celebrity who can confirm that.

Woods starred in many movies, but gaming fans might know him from the movie Casino. Some might have even seen him in a casino because he is frequently present at poker tables. As for the official WSOP tournaments, Woods took home large sums of money on multiple occasions. He only received more than $60K from these events, which leads us to think he is a successful poker player.

Bruce Willis

Unlike some other celebrities that specialize in poker, Mr. Willis likes to mix things up, and that’s commendable. According to reports, he uses every opportunity to go to Atlantic City and play casino games.

Bruce considers card games to be his favorite. However, he doesn’t hesitate from playing baccarat, which is a game that brought him $500K on a single occasion. That’s probably nowhere close to a fee he received for movies like Die Hard and Armageddon, but we doubt Willis is in it for the money. He probably loves the thrill he feels while playing casino games, which is why that became his favorite hobby.


As you can see, movie stars aren’t immune to the charm of casino games. Each celebrity has their favorite, but they don’t hesitate from playing poker, roulette, and slots. It sounds interesting that you could be playing online against your favorite movie star. If you ask us, that’s another reason to play in web casinos and enjoy your favorite games!