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Dokyala Shot Full Movie Download

Dokyala Shot is a Marathi comedy-drama film directed by Shivkumar Parthasarathy. Whereas the story of this film is based on four friends played by Prajakta Mali, Survat Joshi, and Rohit Haldikar. The main character of this movie, Abhi loses his memory creating a lot of issues in his life. Below this article, you can find Dokyala Shot Full Movie Download.

The story follows four friends playing cricket and Bhajji hits a shot. While Abhi tries to catch the ball but he misses and accidentally falls on the rock.  Later, when he was taken to the hospital the Doctor states about Abhi’s memory loss which might take some time to get recovered.

Further, he is about to marry his girlfriend but he has no clue about his impending marriage. A severe head injury leads to losing his memory and the whole drama begins. Will he recover and marry his girlfriend?

Release Date1 Mar 2019
Movie Length122 minutes
IMDB RatingN/A


Dokyala Shot Full Movie Download HD

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