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Saavat Full Movie Download

Saavat is a 2019 Marathi Movie crime drama thriller film directed by Saurabh Sinha. The film explores human psyche! Love, Loyalty, Betrayal, Revenge, Fear, and Anger. Below in this article, you will find the details about Saavat Full Movie Download.

Saavat Movie Story

The film showcases one village where in seven years seven suicides happened in monsoon season. But, the people who attempted suicides has seen someone who is not supposed to be there. Although, after many incidents, the inhabitants decided to file a complaint in the police station. Aditi Deshmukh (Smita Tambe) a senior police officer takes this case under her control. Afterward, a woman reveals about Nandini (Shwetambari Ghute) who practices black magic in the village. And, has thrown out of the village due to her evil acts.

Moreover, the police have found that this is not a suicide but a murder. Subsequently, Aditi Deshmukh finds the root cause of these problems.

Movie Details:

Release Date 5 Apr 2019
Movie Length 1h: 57m
Language(s) Marathi
IMDB Rating 8.6/10
Saavat Budget N/A
Box Office Collection 2 Cr

Saavat Full Movie Download HD

Saavat may broadcast on TV channels within a few days after its release. But within a short span, it will be surely available on legal streaming websites.

If you are a fan of crime, thriller, and drama film then you should visit the theatre to get real experience with good sound effects. In fact, watching Movies and downloading movies from any illegal websites is against Government rules and regulations. So, we want you to stay away from piracy and other illegal things.

Where To Watch Saavat Full Movie Online?

We are against piracy and we do not support piracy. In fact, we encourage others to not engage in these activities. Savat Full Movie Download will be available within 90-120 days of time on the legal streaming websites.

As of now, Saavat Full Movie is not available on the legal streaming websites. Afterward, we will update about Saavat Full Movie once it will be available on legal streaming websites.

Do not download Saavat from Illegal Websites

Hitesha Deshpande and Shubheta Mangik are the producers of the film. In fact, Hitesha Deshpande and Shubheta Mangik have not allowed distributing Saavat Full Movie. The copyright law doesn’t allow to watch or download Saavat Full movie from illegal websites.

We suggest you not to download or watch Marathi Movie Saavat from these illegal websites. As a result, your activity will help thousands of families working in the Marathi Film industry in and around Maharashtra.

The government has banned the following websites which are trying to provide Saavat Full Movie Download Illegally.


  1. Just now watched the movie Chitralahari . Don’t read the reviews . Must watch
    I like the most in recent times.

  2. I think Saavat full movie is one of the best horror film in Marathi industry.very good film!
    Just watch and enjoy the movie.

  3. Super duper blockbuster movie
    Brilliant movie!
    Believe me you will enjoy the Saavat full movie for sure .

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