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Geetha Govindam Full Movie Download

Geetha Govindam is a 2018 Telugu Romantic Comedy movie directed by Parasuram. Tollywood Upcoming star and Arun Reddy fame Vijay Devarakonda has played the Male Lead. Whereas Rasmika Mandana has played the female lead role  Geetha in this movie. Anu Emmanuel, Nithya Menen, Rahul Ramakrishna, Subbaraju, Vennela Kishore, and Nagendra Babu have played the supporting roles in the movie. Geetha Govindam is produced by Allu Aravind father of Allu Arjun under Geetha Arts Banner. This movie has one of the highest repeat audience on Theatres, TV and Online Streaming Websites. Gopi Sundar has done the music and background score for this movie. Below, in this article, you will find details about Geetha Govindam Full Movie download and details about where to Watch Geetha Govindam Online

Geetha Govindam Story

Before Vijay Meets Geetha

Vijay (Vijay Devarkonda) works in a Hyderabad Corporate College as a Chemistry Lecturer and lives with his friends in bachelor setup. A lot of girls in the college are a craze about him. One of them, who is the daughter of a Software Company MD proposes him, but he rejects the proposal and scolds the Girl to focus on her studies.

Vijay’s mother died when Vijay was very young, he lives with his sister and father (Nagendrababu) in his childhood. He loves his mother very much and always dreams of marrying a girl who is as good as his mother and can her in this heart. He falls in love with a Girl (Anu Emmanuel) and spends six months trying to impress her. One day he tries to propose her indirectly but she informs him that she is already married. He is heartbroken, but the girl tells that he is a good man and he will find a very good wife for himself.

Vijay Meets Geetha and falls in love

After the incident, Vijay starts to visualize another girl as his Wife in his dreams, but he could not see her face. One day Vijay happens to see Geetha in a temple, and he likes are at first sight. Due to his past experience, He checks with her (indirectly) whether she is married. Vijay feels very happy to know that she is not married. He then starts dreaming every day that Geetha is going to be his wife.

Meanwhile, Vijay travels to his native place Kakinada from Hyderabad in a Bus. It happens that Geetha also boards the bus and to his surprise sits in the seat beside him. He started to talk to her, but she does not show any interest. But he tries to impress her in many ways based on the tips he received from his friends who are already drunken.

Incidentally, During a Washroom break, Geetha seeks Vijay’s help as there are drunkards around ladies toilet. Both of them started to talk when they are back then she falls in sleep. His friends tell him that she has fallen for him and insists him to get physical with her. Vijay being a decent man, does not follow that, but he wanted to take a selfie with her while she is in sleep.  Unfortunately while taking the Selfie, he falls on her and liplock her accidentally. Geetha wakes up, sees what he is up to and him taking the selfie at the same time. She gets angry and also started to cry. She then calls up her Brother and tells him to teach a lesson (Kill Vijay) to Vijay when the Bus arrives in Kakinada. Vijay hearing this jumps from the bus, breaking the glass and runs away.

Fate has Surprise in Store – Vijay’s Sister get engaged with Geetha’s Brother

Vijay reaches home, meets his father and sister. To his surprise, he finds that Geetha at his home as her brother is engaged to Vijay’s sister. Geetha though is very angry saves him to save his sister’s marriage and his proud father. They come to Hyderabad but they have to spend time together shopping and distributing wedding cards. All the while, Vijay pleads Geetha that he is innocent and whatever happened in the Bus is an accident. Geetha does not believe him and always is angry with whatever he does.

Geetha’s Brother (Subbaraju) comes to Hyderabad to catch the culprit who misbehaved with Geetha. There is a lot of comedy and suspense due to this catch-up game. Finally, Geetha gets to know how good is Vijay when she finds it from the Wife of her boss, who is also the mother of the girl who proposed to Vijay in his college. Geetha then starts falling for Vijay but does not reveal her feelings to tease him more. She conveys her feelings for Vijay to her brother and also informs that Vijay was the man who did misbehave with her in the bus but he did accidentally.

Geetha’s Family proposes to Vijay, but Vijay rejects the Marriage

Meanwhile, Geetha’s Grandfather gets a heart attack and the family complete to Geetha’s Marriage also along with her brother Marriage. Her Brother knowing that this brother in law, Vijay a good guy proposes to marry Geetha with Vijay. Geetha is very happy and agrees for the marriage. She meets Vijay to convey the news herself, but Vijay rejects the proposal as he thinks his wife should be special, not an obligation.

Heartbroken Geetha agrees to marry one of her relatives (Vennala Kishore) from London as she has to get married along with her brother’s marriage.

Finally, Vijay finds out that his love Geetha had agreed to the marriage because she loves him, but not due to the obligation by her family. He then pleads his brother-in-law during the marriage. though there are many twists in between which we can write all here, Finally, the movie ends happily with Vijay marrying Geetha.

Movie Details:

Release Date15 Aug 2018
Movie Length2h:22min
IMDB Rating7.9
Budget5 Cr
Geetha Govindam Box Office Collection130 Cr

Geetha Govindam Full Movie Download

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