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Naam Shabana Full Movie download

Naam Shabana is a 2017 action spy-thriller Bollywood movie. Naam Shabana is directed by Shivam Nair. The movie is produced by Neeraj Pandey and Aruna Bhatia under plan C Studios Cape Of Good Films. Taapsee Pannu has played the Lead Roles in this movie. Akshay Kumar, Prithviraj Sukumaran, Manoj Bajpayee and Anupam Kher have acted in the supporting roles. The screenplay is done by Neeraj Pandey, while the Music is directed by Rochak Kohli. Below in this article, you can find the details about Naam Shabana Full Movie Download and where to Watch Naam Shabana Online.

Naam Shabana Story

The Love Story and the Murder

Naam Shabana is a movie about revenge which later turns out to be a crime thriller movie. Whereas, Naam Shabana is about an international arms dealer, Mikhail that the Indian intelligent agents are behind. Shabana is a college student and a Kudi champion and is followed by the Indian secret agents.

On the other hand, Jai who is Shabana’s close friend proposes Shabana for marriage. Shabana’s life changes, when Jai gets murdered the next day he proposes Shabana.

The Invitation

Shabana who is heartbroken and furious to kill them gets a call with an offer to kill the people who have murdered his love. The unknown caller makes a promise of easy escape after the murder. After hearing this, Shabana says yes in an instant. Hence, to make that happen Shabana and Ajay Singh (Akshay Kumar) visit Goa the murderer’s hideout.

Finally, with the help of Ajay, Shabana manages to kill those murderers without knowing to anyone. Before getting any mission assigned, Shabana has to go through some intense training. From here on, the story of Naam Shabana takes a twist and focuses on Mikhail.

The Mission

As soon as Shabana joints the secret agent, she gets assigned with a new mission. In fact, the mission is to capture Tonny, Mikhail’s right hand. After several attempts, Tonny finally gets captures and reveals about Mikhail’s plastic surgery.

In fact, the story takes the twisted turn, when Tonny kills the agents reveling him as Mikhail.

The Final Kill

The Indian secret agency is tipped about Mikhail going to another plastic surgery. Hence, everyone movie towards to find him. Finally, after utilizing all their sources, Ajay and Shabana reach the hospital where Mikhail is getting his plastic surgery done. But Shabana and Ajay manage to take down Mikhail.

Movie Details:

Release Date31 March 2017
IMDB Rating6.3/10
Movie Length2hrs 27min
Budget ₹15 crores
Box Office Collection ₹56.09 crores

Naam Shabana Full Movie Download HD

Akshay Kumar and Taapsee Pannu have done a great job in Naam Shabana. In fact, we understand your excitement for Naam Shabana Full Movie Download. But, you should know if you are watching or downloading Naam Shabana movie online, is it through a legal source.

In fact, you will find a lot of websites that will allow Naam Shabana movie download. But most of them are illegal.

Where to watch Naam Shabana Online?

Naam Shabana movie is already available on legal streaming websites. Hence, it does not make any sense to watch this movie from illegal websites.

  • Netflix is a monthly subscription based website and you can watch Naam Shabana here. You can download Naam Shabana by clicking on the link: Netflix
  • Also, Zee5 is another streaming website that has Naam Shabana available to watch. Click on the link to watch Naam Shabana online: Zee5

Currently, Netflix and Zee5 have Naam Shabana movie online legally. Also, you can check other legal streaming websites that can stream Naam Shabana anytime soon.

Do Not Download or Watch Naam Shabana Online from Illegal Websites

Only Reliance Entertainment have all the rights for Naam Shabana movie distribution rights. As Reliance Entertainment is the Production House of Naam Shabana, hence no one can allow Naam Shabana movie download without their permission.

If you are finding any of the websites from the list given below providing Naam Shabana Full Movie download, then they are doing it illegally. Hence, we request not to download Naam Shabana movie from these websites. By doing this, you are helping to fight against piracy.

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