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The story of an eight-year-old boy who asks his father the meaning of his name. Directed by Aijaz Khan and Produced by Siddharth Anand Kumar and Vikram Mehra. Rasika Dugal, Vikas Kumar, and Talha Arshad Reshi took up the lead roles, whereas Sumit Kaul, Bashir Lone, Gurveer Singh, Ashraf Nagoo, Mir Sarvar, and Qazi Faiz have performed in the supporting roles. Screenplay and Music are done by Ravinder Randhawa and Andrew T. McKay respectively. The film was released on 14 December 2018. Later, he wants to know the meaning of the number 786. He learns that 786 is God’s number and decides to try and reach out to God, by dialing this number. Below In this article, you can find details about Hamid Full Movie Download and where to Watch Hamid Online.

Hamid Story

Introduction And Characters

HAMID (The film) comprises of Rehmat – A local boat maker from Kashmir who goes missing one night, his wife named Ishrat and an eight-year-old son Hamid who are worried and afraid over the incident.

Before The Incident

Rehmat, tells little Hamid that demise is trailed by a burial. Why thus, the kid enquires. With the goal that the expired is been overlooked, Rehmat answers. In any case, is overlooking even an alternative when individuals disappear without a by your leave? Hamid suggests that conversation starter to his classmate Bilaal when the last mentioned, referring to his granny, attests that those that Allah cherishes the most leave the world early.

Death Is Explained Perfectly

Two paramilitary men pee on a divider that has the word ‘Azaadi’ composed on it. A kid scarcely out of his youngsters pelts stone at one of them. The outraged trooper pushes the youthful assailant to the ground and focuses his firearm at him. His associate prevents him from pulling the trigger. Passing is dependably a slug or a shoot away in this loaded scene.

Hamid Is Still Positive About His Father’s Arrival

The kid trusts that his dad is been hired by Allah to make a boat and that he will be back soon once the activity is finished. His mom, Ishrat, totally desensitized by anguish at the unexplained vanishing of her significant other, not just is motivated to share his positive thinking yet has additionally built up a specific coldness towards her solitary child.

An Excellent Opportunity

For over a year, Ishrat makes rounds to the police station, hoping to hear some news of her lost husband. As the father presumed dead, Hamid’s classmates made him irritated saying that his father is in heaven and is with the almighty ALLAH. Dismissed and desolate with a heart scanning for answers. Hamid stargazes in the desire for meeting his dad.

Hamid Meet’s God

Therefore, Hamid so innocent thinks the only way to bring his father back is by talking directly with ALLAH. He discovers that 786 is a god’s number and choose to request help in bringing home his missing and long lost father. Using his father’s old mobile phone, after trying every possible combination, digs up some cash and uses the small understanding he has of the world to approach the number.

The Climax

A story of blameless versatility endeavoring to understand the multifaceted nature and divisions that deface the grown-up world. Unfortunately, he gets a telephone number through which he thinks can talk directly with Allah. On the other end of the line, the phone was Abhay, an army official, a man who has not been home for over 18 months and aches for to hold his eight-month-old girl in his arms. Although at first slanted to reject it as a trick called, the trooper plays along… Whom Hamid convinced is god. Hamid telephone call, through astounding at first, interests Abhay who takes part in humoring Hamid. Abhay likewise had issues of his own.

The first run through Hamid has an all-inclusive discussion with the officer; the last is nursing a terrifying cold. He coughs. Hamid asks, don’t you have warm clothes? No, Abhay answers jokingly. I will accomplish something; the kid says and hangs up. He gets an old shawl of his dad’s and abandons it at the neighborhood mosque. It winds up in the ownership of a beggar. Hamid is naturally bewildered, yet he is been excessively bowed after guaranteeing his dad’s arrival to trouble excessively about these little difficulties. Both talked regularly and an unlikely bond is been created between them, as they shared the losses of each other. Unfortunately and unknowingly, they both changed each other’s world for the better.

Movie Details:

Release Date1 Mar 2019
Movie Length126 minutes
IMDB Rating8.0/10
Box office collection₹0.07 crore


Hamid Full Movie Download HD

TV Channels may broadcast Hamid after a few months of its release, that is by around June 2019. Even before TV Channels, Hamid Full Movie Download will be available on some of the below mentioned Legal Streaming websites by the start of July 2019.

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Where To Watch Hamid Full Movie Online?

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Hamid movie released in March 2019 and might be available on a below mentioned legal streaming websites by August. Check below, the list of websites that will allow Hamid movie to download or watch legally.

Watch Hamid Full Movie Online Free

There are several free streaming websites online, but do you know which one is legal? Hamid movie will not appear in free streaming websites for a year, which means any websites that will have Hamid Full movie free, means, they are using illegal sources.

You can check the below free legal streaming websites to watch Hamid Full Movie Online free.

Hamid Movie Review

Abhay and Ishrat, Hamid’s mom turn in astonishing exhibitions that rescue the film amid its unpleasant patches. Abhay specifically is bolting, owning each arrangement he is in easily. The film is been lifted from its remarkableness once he starts his trades with Hamid, as a result bringing the best out of Hamid. Their talk is intriguing, wrecking, interesting and impactful, frequently at the same time.

Abhay’s hard outside is been infiltrated by Hamid’s honesty and confidence in God’s highly vaunted capacity to do anything. He chooses to assume the job of God as long as he can without making’s Hamid extremely upset, which, when it in the end occurs, is crushing to observe. We are all of a sudden gone up against by the human toll practiced by unimportant, troublesome governmental issues and an exposed hunger for power. In spite of the fact that the separatists’ image of legislative issues is not been exhibited especially well.


The impact of Iranian abstains lingers overwhelming in Hamid. In spite of the fact that it does not accomplish the greatness of their best movies, a grievous and self-contradicting impact starts to settle in when the film nears its end.

The scene where Hamid discovers that his dad is dead and is failing to come back will tear the hardest of hearts separated. It does Abhay’s; a man who never had confidence in the Kashmiris’ motivation, who has seen his associates fall while guarding a stopgap stronghold. I am sure the scene where Hamid chooses to pelt a stone at a passing armed force vehicle could have finished with some keen artisanship


Hamid does have an amazing story. In fact, the story writer should be appreciated for the work he has done. The way he asks about war and god and why he exists is what make you think about it. Overall, this is of the best movies that you should watch in 2019.


Talking about the movie, Hamid has the best direction, screenplay, dialogues and also all the actors involved in this movie has done amazing work. In fact, we suggest that everyone should watch this movie once.


  1. The movie has brilliant comedic moments and subtle emotions portrayed with powerful cinematography and dialogue economy.

  2. The Hamid full movie honestly say that this is a wonderful case of storytelling with powerful visuals and acting.

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