New Dialogue Promos Of Lukan Michi Give An Initial Glimpse Of The Movie

The release of the upcoming Punjabi filmLukan Michi” is just around the corner & there are two new Dialogue Promos, giving us an initial glimpse of the movie. The team is trying hard to keep the hype alive & these promos are another important step in that direction.

Both of the promos are highly focused on showcasing different sides of the characters in the movie. The videos are not long though, but gives you the idea of what the movie is going to be about. Have a look at the videos below,

Lukan Michi Dialogue Promo 1

Lukan Michi Dialogue Promo 2

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The audience has high hopes for this movie & though we now have these new promos in our hands, it definitely can’t be said if “Lukan Michi” will live up to that. The movie will get its release on May 10, 2019. So, all the doubts will be clearing by next Friday.

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