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Notebook Full Movie DownloadNotebook is a 2019 Bollywood romance drama film directed by Nitin Kakkar. This movie is produced by Salman Khan, Murad Khetani and Ashwin Varde. In fact, this is Salman Khan‘s movie to launch two new stars, Zaheer Iqbal and Pranutan Bahl in this movie. Mir Sarwar and Muazzam Bhat have acted the supporting roles. The screenplay is done by Darab Farooqui, while the Music is directed by Vishal Mishra. Below this article, you will find details about Notebook Full Movie Download and where to Watch Notebook Full Movie Online Free HD.

Notebook 2019 Movie Story

Kabir Kaul and the Notebook

Kabir Kaul, a former army officer, who has no prior teaching experience decides to start teaching in his father’s school. He takes this initiative just to ensure that the school does not close down due to non-availability of the teacher. Kabir finds a diary in the drawer that was left by the teacher who used to teach earlier named Firdaus. He soon realizes that he has been falling in love with the earlier instructor whom he never met. When the children learned that a new teacher has arrived to teach them at school, they start coming to school. Since he had no prior experience in the field of teaching, he was disobeyed and he started thinking that he was not capable of teaching. But, he gets motivated to teach once again when he began reading the diary that was left behind by Firdaus.


Life of Kabir Kaul

Kabir who also has a girlfriend realizes that she has an affair with someone else and ends up fighting with him. When he discusses this with his girlfriend, she tells him that since he is retired from the army she may not be able to be happy if married to him. Kabir is devastated with his and re-joins the Wular Public school where he captures the hearts of five children studying. Over the days he continues to read Firdaus’s diary. One fine day, the condition of the school worsens with a heavy storm and the diary falls into a lake. The 5 children and Kabir together repair the school and also recover the diary.

Kabir’s exit and Firdaus’s return to school

Kabir starts writing comments in Firdaus’s dairy. As he reads the notebook he comes across Imran who was studying in the same school. But, his father was against Imran attending school since he wanted him to do everyday domestic chores. Kabir somehow manages to bring back Imran to the school. The other children of the school are overwhelmed with joy on seeing Imran back in school. The diary mentioned about Firdaus getting married, upon reading this Kabir decides to destroy the notebook.

The school children do not perform well in the exams so the principal of the school replaces Kabir with the previous instructor Firdaus. On the other hand, Firdaus finds out on her wedding day that her fiance has an affair with another woman and is also expecting a child and therefore calls off the marriage. Following this, she returns to the same school where she had previously worked since she shared a close bond with the children as well as the school. The children are extremely happy to see their previous teacher in school who had taken place of Kabir. Firdaus also sees Imran back in school and is curious to know who brought him back to school.

When asked Imran, he proudly replies Kabir sir. She also finds the diary that she had left at school in the same drawer. She happens to read all the comments that were mentioned in the diary and how Kabir had fallen in love with the unknown author of that diary. Firdaus wanted to gather more information about Kabir and so she approached the principal.

The Ending

One day, Firdaus came face to face with Imran’s father, who wanted to take him back from school, but Imran resisted to it saying that he did not want to quit school. On seeing Kabir, Imran ran to him and hugged him. Kabir held Imran’s father hands and stopped him from taking Imran.

Imran’s father grew aggressive and pulled out his gun and hit Kabir on his face. Since the gun was dropped on the ground, Imran was asked to give it back to his hands, but Imran’s presence of mind helped him to think that if the gun as returned back then his sir would be killed. So he does not return it back but instead points it to his father, but with the request of Kabir, Imran does not do so. Imran’s father then realizes his mistake and leaves. Towards the end, Firdaus asks the children of the school to leave home, so tha Reviews

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Movie Details:

Notebook Release Date29 Mar 2019
Movie Length1h:52m
IMDB Rating9.6/10
Budget₹20 crore
Box Office Collection₹3.70 crore

Notebook Full Movie Download HD

If you want Notebook Full movie legally, then you will have to wait for a couple of months for the movie to release in legal streaming websites. In fact, Notebook movie will available on legal websites in a couple of months after the theater release.

If you still want to watch Notebook Bollywood movie, we suggest visiting your nearest theatres. Whereas, illegally downloading or watching movies from any unofficial websites is against the Indian Copyright law. However, if you caught doing any illegal activity you will be charged with a high amount. So, beware and doing things legally is always the best way.

Do not watch or download Notebook from Illegal Movie Streaming Websites

Salman Khan Films is the Production house of Notebook and without their approval, no one can allow Notebook Bollywood Movie download. In fact, no one has granted permission to distribute or share Notebook Bollywood Movie for download. As per Indian Copyright law, you might be imprisoned for 3 years if you are found downloading Notebook Bollywood movie.

We strongly request you not to download or watch Hindi Movie Notebook from these illegal websites. As a result, your one good deed will help many people Bollywood Film industry in and around North India.

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Where To Watch Notebook Full Movie 2019 Online?

Movie-rater is strongly against piracy also against illegal Streaming websites. In fact, watching or downloading Notebook from below mentioned illegal websites a crime.

If you want to know where you can watch Notebook Bollywood Movie, check below-mentioned websites. Also, we have verified that Notebook Full Movie is not available on below mentioned as of today (30-Mar-2019). In fact, we will update you as soon as the movie is available on any of the legal websites.

Notebook Movie Review

Direction Review

Notebook is a movie where you can find drama and romance together. It is adapted from the drama ‘The Teachers Diary’ (2014). The film is shot in the beautiful location of Kashmir and what really worked is the camera work by Manoj Kumar Khatoi. The entire beauty of Kashmir has been encapsulated in the movie.

Music review

There is a special song by Salman Khan himself. The songs at the background seem to be apt for the location and circumstances with no forced nature of the songs. The background is by Julius Packiam who is famous for his scores in Bajrangi Bhaijan.

Acting review

Salman Khan launches two new actors and both the newcomers Zaheer Iqbal and Pranutan Bahl seem to be promising actors. Since their onscreen time together was minimal, not much could be discovered about their chemistry. However, the innocence of the two actors touches your heart.


The movie has a critic rating of 3/5 from The Times of India. The film comes with some flaws where the movie ended when it actually started to pick pace. Some questions were still left unanswered. The movie actually fails to make a mark in the second half and is almost out of sync.t she could spend time and talk to the man with whom she had fallen in love.


  1. Hi Kalpes we hope that you have watched Notebook Full Movie. How much rating would you give for this movie

  2. This movie looks nice. Specially the new debut actor and actress Zaheer iqbal and Pranantu Bahl and again Salman Khan’s choice looks great on bug screen.

  3. A good start up of the new actors in the film industry and the golden chance of launching by Salman Khan Films.

  4. I have watched this movie and I love the story and the performance of new comers in bollywood industry is nice

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